How do display v3 cameras 4-up?

Occasionally I do something when moving or accidentally touching the screen that causes the four v3 camera images to appear in 4-up landscape mode (i.e. each image occupies one full corner of the screen).
But these multiple images appear formatted like that for less than a second before going away.

The question is, since that is exactly how I’d like to monitor all four screens all the time, what do I have to do to make that format persist?

(Obviously it is possible to do that display, because I’ve seen it several times.)

Group your cameras in the app, view the group then turn your phone sideways to landscape.

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Depending on your display device you might have to lock the screen in landscape mode.

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Screen lock doesn’t help.

If the screen is in portrait mode, displaying the group of four fills the width and stacks them so I can see only 2½ of them at a time.

If the screen is in landscape mode, it does the same thing, 2½ views stacked in the middle of the screen.

If I start in portrait mode and rotate the screen to landscape it’s even worse.
It initially changes to the tall narrow view in the middle and then a second later reverts back to the home screen.

But! Not always. Just now while playing with it I did that last step and it did the correct thing and displayed them 4-up as I wanted. But as soon as I moved the tablet a little, it did the change to tall and narrow and then back to home screen.

Ahh, I think I’ve figured out a way of doing it.
If I rotate from portrait to landscape very very slowly (several seconds) it does it right, and then I can apply the rotation lock.

So, the problem is “solved”, though hardly in the way one would want. Thanks for the hints I needed.

I’m surprised at how good this hardware is compared with how awful the software and user interface are. It’s like they were designed and implemented by two different companies, one that cares and one that doesn’t.

I can’t imagine why they didn’t build it as a web app (let the folks at Chrome, Firefox, etc. do all the hard work of making things work well on all devices) instead of trying to build their own specific purpose app.

Not sure what you’re talking about since the web app is brand new and didn’t exist until a few weeks ago. The Android and iOS apps are native to those platforms as far as I understand.

Perhaps your mobile OS has a windowing feature that is coming into play?

You can also try TinyCam on Android for more flexible multicamera viewing.

Sorry for the confusion, rather than “built” I meant to say “didn’t build”, the exact opposite.

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What phone and os are you using? What actual Wyze app version are you using? Your experience with the portrait/landscape group view is definitely abnormal and seems client side.

I should have mentioned it in the question.

  • Galaxy Tab S5e, SM-T720,
  • Android 11, kernel 4.9.227-22521289.
  • Wyze 2.26.22
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Do you have any other issues of the same with other apps? Switching between portrait and landscape? Only thing I can think of is that the Wyze app is optimized for portrait view and the tab and the app are butting heads trying to display it right when rotating the tablet.

I’ve not noticed any similar problems elsewhere, but I also don’t use many other apps.
That it would jump back to the Wyze home page when it gets confused seems the most significant thing.

One other related problem I’ve noticed, and it’s very repeatable:

  • start with home page in landscape mode.
  • it appears as a portrait window in the middle of the Android screen.
  • click on the camera group.
  • it displays the four stacked images on the small vertical window (only 2½ are visible).
  • one second later that window jumps to the far left, and what was the Android background turns white.
  • about half a second later it jumps back to the vertical window with the stacked images.
  • about half a second later it jumps back to the vertical home page.

No rotation at all is involved with this; the tablet remains in landscape position.

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I have the same problem on all of my Samsung tablets running One UI Core 3.1 on Android 11. The problem started a few weeks ago when Samsung pushed out an update to their One UI Core platform.

Solution: Go into Android Settings > Advanced features > Labs > Show apps in landscape > scroll down and tap on Wyze > Change “App aspect ratio” to “App default”



Great response / solution.

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I have an old Verizon Ellipsis tablet that I want to use just as a bedside display for 4 V3 cameras. It can’t be updated beyond Android 7.0. I’m getting exactly the same problem described by Ray_B. There is no “Advanced Features” selection in settings nor any option to change “App aspect ratio” to “App default”.

Any suggestions for fixing the problem on this particular tablet?