How can I stop my cam from being that sensitive?

Every time the clouds pass by the sun, my camera sends a warning to me and takes a picture. How can I stop it from being that sensitive? It happens hundreds of times a day depending how cloudy it is.

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Which camera are you using ?
If your camera is taking “Pictures” instead of Videos I assume you do not have and Cam Plus subscriptions?

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Have you tried adjusting Detection Settings?

As @Antonius indicated, it would be helpful to know which camera you’re using. You can help others help you by including this information in the tags for this topic (I don’t see any currently) and in your initial post, both of which you can go back and edit.

Also, if you have Cam Plus Lite or Cam Plus you should be able to select what you get notified of. I have my Notifications set to “Person” only. All motion gets recorded and I can look at every recorded Event if I want.

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