How can I setup 24/7 recording on Windows 10 w/o a SD card?

Is this possible? or not? What are my options? I wanna set 1 cam to record 24/7 and to be able to view the recordings from a PC that I use regularly? Cam plus advertising is very deceiving (paid for a year) unless I’m missing something,

How can I do this without an SD card? Btw, the SD card approach is very 2010.

Basically, my setup is this. I have two v2 cams that are both indoors and I use Bluestacks to access my cams and I want one of them to be able to record 24/7 and have them saved to the same computer that I use for work. I’ve even tried to manual record them with bluestacks open but they don’t always save the recordings, especially hour-long videos, for whatever reason.

I use my PC for work so using nvidia’s desktop capture is not an option but it seems like it’s best the way with another monitor unless I’m missing something.

I even tried Tinycam but that doesn’t work because I have 2FA enabled and their app doesn’t support it.

Any suggestions? I imagine there is something simple that I’m just not aware of. Atleast I hope so.

Have your tried using the RTSP firmware on the V2s? Then use any RTSP viewer to watch on your desktop and save the footage. tinycam, ispy, blue iris etc are options.

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You can try I stalling a Virtualization Android app like Blue stacks then install the Wyze cam APK. And do some sort of screen recording. there are several free one that work thru the Chrome Browser from the browsers web store

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@Omgitstony @Ikehazan Sorry for the late response but thanks for the advice guys. Appreciate it.

I did look into RTSP after reading your reply a couple of weeks ago but it’s still in Beta and so I’m skeptical about how reliable it is.

I just decided to back to doing it how I was before. Use Bluestacks to open the cam and dedicate one of my monitors to record 24/7 using NVIDIA’s shadowplay. I was just hoping there was a better way.

This has worked for me! I used VLC to view the RTSP feed.

I have been using Netcam Studio with RTSP for as long as RTSP has been available.
Using windows 10 . On both V2’s and Pan . Easy setup and has great area detection to eliminate
specific area of coverage. This software is what should have been what Wyze should be.
I dont need internet to record if it goes down . I store ALL footage to hard drive No cloud needed.
Free version for 2 cameras, to check it out Runs in native windows NO Bluestacks

I don’t think SD cards are quite obsolete yet. A minimum 3-day $10 SD card is more than all this effort? I use SD cards in addition to free Wyze cloud clips (they tell me where to look on the SD card).

Any OS including Windows 10 can use this solution.

I’m using two Wyze v2s into my Camect NVR while using the stock firmware. They work great with no dropouts. I haven’t heard anything bad about the RTSP firmware either.

The SD card is just the cheapest and most reasonable way to do the type of recording these cameras are meant for. Why don’t you want to use one and what would you recommend instead? You can buy a 128 GB card for $19 or a 32 GB for $8 (both Samsung). I’m not sure how much better you can get than that. The 128 gives me about 19 days of recording time.

If you don’t like what the $20 camera offers for features and reliability, you can always go buy a wifi Lorex or similar for $100 or more. Professional grade cameras can get expensive pretty quick.

There are several programs available to record NVR style on Windows such as Sighthound and BlueIris, doing it with bluestacks and shadowplay is a really hacky way of doing it.

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