How can I order a Cam v3 with Cam Plus as a gift NOT associated with my account?

How can I order a Cam v3 with Cam Plus as a gift to give at MY house over Christmas to my daughter who will be visiting from another state? When I try, it warns me the Cam v3 and Cam Plus will be associated with MY account! I want it to be HER (new) account.

This is tricky. The official answer is that you can’t currently do it.

Now the theoretical unofficial answer and potential loophole I would consider doing if it were ME who really wanted to do this. So, in CYA disclaimer jargon I am just saying what I personally would consider doing, not necessarily saying this is my advice, etc etc…

Having said that, In this dropdown are my possible thoughts:

Create a new account with a new temporary email address, the whole bit. All brand new. Use her name and potentially a username she’d likely use (she can probably change this later). Now order everything you’re going to gift her through this new account.

When you give it to her, give her the login information for the account and tell her to switch the email address of that account to her email and change the password. Now that account is totally hers with her email address and you were able to order and pay for the cam and Cam Plus for her.

Only potential downside is that she may have your payment information. So maybe use something you can cancel…some banks or paypall will sometimes let you use a temporary credit card that you can cancel. Or you can try to pay for it with Amazon Pay or something that requires logging in.

Or even better, use a visa gift card or something like that. Then none of your payment info stays on that account when you lose access to it.

For that matter, if you use a visa gift card, you don’t even have to set up the account, you can simply give her the cam with the gift card, and say that it goes toward paying for all the cool AI features and cloud storage on the camera for a whole year or whatever, and help her set up the account and order cam plus for her with the gift card.

Putting that aside for a minute, I think your idea of being able to GIFT Cam Plus to someone is actually an AWESOME idea! I would honestly consider doing this for my brothers and parents if it were possible to do for an already existing account. Wyze should seriously make it possible for us to purchase a 1 year Cam Plus Voucher Code we can give away to anyone. Then they redeem that code for a year of cam plus on any account. I would totally buy a Cam Plus Voucher code for my brother for Christmas! This is a GREAT idea. Maybe I’ll throw it out there on the discord channel.

Well your out of luck on the cam plus, you can add it after the 14 day free trail

It’s good you brought that up. That trial can be an issue when you want to do something else. Luckily it’s easy to bypass.

I bypass that locked trial all the time. in fact I just set up 2 cams this week and when it asked if I wanted to accept the trial, I just didn’t accept the trial, I just hit the back arrow instead of agree. No trial.

If a person already accepted the trial, they can always re-setup the cam too to get out of the locked cam plus trial. I’ve done that when I accidentally accepted the trial. Besides, even if a person keeps the trial active, you can still order cam plus on the website and the full license will be ready for the lady as soon as her trial expires.

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Silly me, I wanted to succumb to advertising and buy the bundled package with the v3 and 1 yr of Cam Plus, but I guess I’ll have to pass it by!

@carvero - Thanks for the info. I had given my older cam to one of my daughters and her husband set it up at their home. I can see it in my app because they gave me access.
Instead of giving my other daughter this one and getting myself a new one, I got her a new one and they’re trying to set it up where she lives. I told her to go ahead and accept the free trial if it’s offered and I would pay for it. She’s frustrated because when she tried to register it she wasn’t emailed a code to put into the app. I don’t even remember having to do that myself.

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She shouldn’t have to enter a code for the free cam plus trial, it is normally pretty automatic unless you really try hard to stop it.

If she wants to see if it’s on there, then on the Wyze app she can select:

Account tab → Services

And it should show there is a Cam Plus trial with that camera and how long it will last.Then she can go set up the specifics about it by going to:

Home Tab → Select the camera → Select the settings gear icon on the top right → Event recording → make sure detects motion is on (and detect sound if she wants then, Then: → select Smart Detection → activate whatever AI detections she wants notifications for (Ie: Person detection, etc) → then go back twice to the main settings page again and click on notifications and make sure it has the Wyze AI events turned on for notifications.

She should be able to use all of that for free for the first 14 days from when she set up the camera. After the 14 days is over it will automatically cancel the free trial, but she can manually purchase a cam plus license, either in the app or going to and selecting Cam Plus. It’s usually selling for either $1.99/month or $14.99/yr.

Best of luck Ann!

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Amazon advertises it with a year subscription

WYZE Cam Outdoor Add-on Camera, 1080p HD Indoor/Outdoor Wire-Free Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa & Google Assistant (base station required)

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All is well. Her sister and husband helped her set it up. My daughter wasn’t getting the authentication code because her mailbox was full. I had to go in there for her and delete a bunch so her emails would come in. She’s in another state, so now I can see her porch. I’ll copy and share your info with her next.

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Thank you.

Hi again, Well, yesterday was her 14th day. I didn’t know that until last night, so I went into her account for her and upgraded it to Cam Plus as a gift. But for some reason it started recording in black and white instead of color. I was wondering if dust could’ve gotten onto the lens/sensor to cause it to think it was night time, as I can’t find any options that could’ve been accidentally turned off for that to happen.

Look for the night vision mode settings. From live view it’s on the upper right just off the frame of video, or if you enter settings then enter advanced settings you’ll see the night vision is able to be toggled to on, auto or off.

Night vision mode what’s the picture in black and white so that it can view the IR illuminating lights on the camera. If the camera is set to on for night vision mode it’ll be black and white at all times, if it’s set to auto it’ll change from color to black and white when the area the camera is pointed becomes too dark, or off where it’ll be a color picture at all times.

Thank you very much!! One of us must have clicked on it accidentally. I never messed with it before and because the icon is so small I couldn’t tell what it was without my glasses on. :grinning:


No prob, Glad to help! :slight_smile:

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