How Cameras Work - Big Picture

I have 2 Pan Cams that were working well up to a few days ago when I had to change my router due to a failure in the old one. They were on firmware. When a power failure made everything reboot the cameras worked great until I allowed firmware.

Now, neither camera will show live streaming. When the app (1.5.42) starts either camera shows the initial updated view with the correct time stamp, then the bit rate falls to zero and nothing can be done with the cameras.

My question about the big picture is how the cameras work overall. For instance one camera can record an event and notify me, then I can view that recorded clip in the notifications tab. Does this mean the camera is working properly with the router? That it can send the clip to the cloud just fine and the app can retrieve the clip and show it.

Both cameras show 95% - 100% signal strength yet the app cannot change the pan tilt position. I have power cycled these so much the plug is wearing out. I need some big picture knowledge to better focus by trouble shooting. Both cameras are in hard to reach places but not impossible to re-install if needed.


If notification clips are uploading then the camera is getting through to the internet.

The first thing to do to try to resolve this is to click the Support link at the top of this page, then the Troubleshooting button in the middle of the 2nd row.

I wanted to update this post. After posting this I added a range extender to my network. Now my cameras have 89% & 93% signal strength, less than before, and they have worked perfectly for several days.

I am somewhat doubtful of the signal strength indicator in the app.