How are Track Motion and Pan Scan related and Work Together

I have 2 new Pan 3 cams and love them. I have Pan Scan and Track Motion turned on and have set my own waypoints and scanning is set to fast. I have 2 questions: If the camera is on scan, it may miss activity 180 degrees or more away. Also, it does not seem to lock on a person and track them while in pan scan mode. Is it possibly better to set a position and a detection field and THEN it will track activity better?
Basically I am trying to get the best coverage. (Also BTW - my flag also gets caught a LOT in pan scanning.)

One of the problems with detecting motion while the cam is in active panning motion is that the cam itself is creating 100% motion in the FOV because it is moving. Any motion detection while the cam is creating artificial motion is going to be difficult. In order for it to detect motion while panning, the motion has to be faster and more pronounced than the pan motion in the FOV, otherwise there won’t even be a video upload of the event. I would suspect that they govern the motion sensitivity during active panning to cut down on artificially initiated motion events caused by active panning. Try slowing down your pan speed.