Home security keypad and alarm

A home security system that comes with a wireless keypad to attach to a wall that connects with a door sensor alarm in case kids or roommates come home late and others in the house hear the front door. Its scary not to know whose coming in if you’re in bed and have to lay there and check the wyze cam… a loud door sensor alarm that goes off but connects wirelessly to a keypad to make the alarm sound stop would let others at home know there’s not an intruder especially if you don’t hear cam notifications on your phone go off at night. It would also mimic the look and sound of an official home security system that alerts authorities and therefore could scare off an intruder… but this one could just be as simple as a door sensor alarm that sends a notification to your phone, is audible to everyone in the home, and can be turned off by the person entering with the passcode put into the keypad on the wall. To add another idea to this, if you can program multiple codes designated for different people, one for the kids, one for family or a roommate, then the phone notification could read “Daughter is home” or “Roommate is home” or something similar… and obviously by them entering their code the alarm would stop letting the rest of the household know there’s not an actual intruder.

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Possible to make a keypad
Buy a programmable keypad and modify a door sensor to connect to the output
That would give you an armed & disarmed / home & away control

Also we need software that would allow for the enabling and disabling of cameras and sensors thru this keypad. Instead of having spec6ific Home/Away/Off buttons, it should have letter labeled buttons to which the owner would assign an action to each. All the functions of the software should work with IFTTT and Alexa.