Home Robot Ideas

Hey there, I had a suggestion about something I’ve wanted to do. I work outside the home but often the times I work, my wife is asleep. Sometimes I need to look for something and either need to wake her up or go home (work allows) and collect it.

Recently, I’ve seen you’ve discontinued your wyze car and I was wanting to have one (about to purchase off facebook buy and sell). However, an idea for you guys is to monetize robots with capabilities that the customer builds themselves. For example, you sell the robot base and power supply and charging station. The robot has 6 slots for external hardware and 1 slot for a camera. In the 7 slots, they can attach wheels, arms, spider legs, toy launchers, etc. You sell the arms, legs, wheels separately. In the event that you have an arm, you have a chip inside each arm that already determines the motions its capable of. Its activated when the arm is connected to a receiver and a power supply. In the internal components, the core will just have to confirm that a number is connected to be able to move and then the robot will move on its own. One of the slots can be for connecting a receiving unit so the robot can be run via cell service and internet. I’m building a 3D model of my idea if you’d like to reach out to me about it.