Home Monitoring

Do you have to purchase the Home monitoring service in order to purchase the equipment for home monitoring ?

Right now yes.

Theyve stated it will be available separately later on (no eta)

Thank You

You have to pay annually, though. But most insurance companies will rebate the cost and more. I know mine will.

I don’t live in the US, but I am continuosly betting on Wyze, while products are more and more standard. To tie the hardware to the service it’s very reasonable from a business perspective, but come on, that is for US only. Sell (at least to me) the damn harware apart from the service soon, the untapped market in latin america is huge, you should take advantage of this and work through marketplaces such as Linio, Falabella or Mercado Libre. But, if a US service is tied to the hardware, that will be impossible.