Home Monitoring Sytem . . . a Bust?

I haven’t had any issues setting it up. However, so far, they either didn’t listen to any of the beta testing feedback OR they had a group of not-very-good beta testers. There are so many small things that make no sense and are inconceivable.

I think Kal works for Wyze. I’m glad that this subject brings a lot of comments. Keep them coming.

If you only want to shell out $50-$75 for your security system I’m sure Wyze will fit the wallet size and do some things for you. I’m just really sick of buggy systems that half work taking up my valuable free time to keep them running. I’ve read numerous threads here with folks struggling with this system. I just don’t have the time or patience to go through it. I want a security system to be one of the MOST RELIABLE things in my home (after the toilet of course). This system is great for the DIYer and I’m sure you’ll love it. I’m currently working with a 3D printer that is driving me crazy. What a POS. This Wyze thing came at a bad time for me. My patience is worn thin.

Still 30 second of the beeping is way too much
Perhaps add an option of 15 sec?
For home entry delay input 0 since I am ok with arming immediately hence No beeping

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I just set mine up 5/20/21 and can get by with the zero exit delay to avoid the noise. I actually open the door, make sure everyone is out, and hit Away on the phone or keypad. It warns me the door is open but is fine once I close the door.

If I use a timed exit delay down the line, might be nice to get the beeps softer and slower at first with once per second for the last 10 seconds. Gives you time to disarm in case someone is lagging and not yet to the door.

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