Home Monitoring System - Modes

When someone is home, is it okay to arm the system as “Home”?

Also, when we are the system at night, will the motion sensor go off with animals?

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I’d say yes, but you need to configure your system in a way that while you move about your “home” you do not set off the armed sensors. Ex:the sensirs I have under “home” are only my exterior door sensors. So I can move about my house and into my garage, but at anytime I need to open my front door, garage overhead or back door, I’ll need to disable the system or it will alarm.

Are you including the motion sensor as an interior sensor when your home? There are different ways to not have animals set the sensor off, first you can mount the sensor so the orientation is upside down making the detection zone be from the sensor height-up as opposed to sensor height-down as seen here:

There is also the sensor sensitivity adjustment but I’d play around with that before using it with the system so make sure it works to your liking.


What kind of animals? Dogs, then the setup instructions for reversing the mounting and placing the sensors high enough to ignore them you should be fine. Cats, jumping up on furniture etc, probably going to trigger the alarm. Others? Who knows. Depends on how they move about the house.

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