Home Monitoring System alarm activation with cam plus person detection

When a person is detected with cam plus it would trigger the alarm if armed.

I really thought the cameras could be used to trigger an alarm. You can associate up to 5 cameras in the monitoring settings, but that seems to only send you a notification. It doesn’t seem to trigger an alarm. What is the the point of associating the cameras if it cannot trigger the alarm? Having the cameras trigger the alarm was a significant reason I purchased the Home Monitoring system in the first place.

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Is detection of a person by a camera actually worth a call to the police and dispatch? That’s what you are requesting? If indoors, wouldn’t one of the contact or motion sensors pickup the intrusion?

Realize this is too late but the FAQ on the Home Monitoring System clearly states that the cameras won’t trigger alarms:

Will cameras connected through Wyze Home Monitoring Service (HMS) trigger an alarm?

No, those cameras can only trigger an “alert.”

Cameras assigned to Home Monitoring’s Security Camera list can only trigger an “alert”—a message delivered to you in the format you choose. You may select which Security Camera capabilities will trigger an alert.

By our definition, an “alarm” means an on-duty sensor has been triggered and the Home Monitoring system was not disarmed via PIN within the entry delay. By default, an alarm will trigger the siren to sound, and contact Noonlight to verify if first responder dispatching is needed.

Well, I kind of expected that if I have the camera with the motion detection in a given area, then I would not need to add a separate motion sensor in that area.

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Thanks WildBill!
The alerting is still great to have. I had not read that FAQ, but I would have still bought the system, even if I had.

Another thing I found out through the configuration is that you can add non-CamPlus cameras to home monitoring. You don’t get an special detection features but you can get motion recordings (12 second) and live view from the cameras.

In many homes not every door and window would have a contact, motion sensors do not cover everywhere and if turned upside down for larger pets there is a dead spot below the height of the sensor. So yes if a person is detected in a home with the system armed I would want the police called.

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I thought the same thing! What a missed opportunity! Why would the cameras not be able to trigger the alarm!?!