Home Monitoring Support for Multiple Locations/Addresses

Zackaryfam, about multiple homes. Can I set up multiple homes with different email addresses and the same phone number. It seems a bit absurd but if I create three different email addresses for three homes. Ie…… HomeABC-1@domain.com…. HomeDEF-2@domain.com…. HomeGHI-3@domain.com and have the same one phone number for Wyze to call in case of alert.

I like the Wyze system as it allows me to have a security system with multiple sensors. When you are remote such as I am or renting your property you need to watch multiple issues. Is it being broken into, is the heat on, has the water sprung a leak, is the door locked??? Wyze puts that in one package.

As you indicated there are 1,000’s of people like yourself that have Airbnb or VRBO businesses that need to monitor their property. And, myself being a fortunate Baby Boomer too have multiple homes. In AZ prior to COVID-19 approximately 1 million snowbirds came. It is down to about 300,000 now but again increasing. Florida has an even larger number.

Wyze is missing out on the Baby Boomer generation. I know many like to hate us for various reasons. But, whether like like or dislike retirees we Baby Boomers hold 70% of the disposable income in the USA and spend more than any other generation, across all categories. Maybe Wyze just thinks we’re old, stupid people that can’t understand technology. And, maybe to a certain extent that’s true. But, there are many of us that were pioneers in the technology industry and created the foundation of the technology we use and take for granted today.

It disappoints me that I don’t believe Wyze has a proper perspective of who they currently are selling to or could be selling products to.

Multiple Home support could expand their Home Monitoring service significantly.


I’ll reply again to this request from many people. I only hope that someone at Wyze might actually be looking at this feed. Please enable multiple locations within one account.

It would make me immensely happy if SOMEONE from the Wyze company would respond to this thread. The option for adding a home is already in the app, although greyed out.

Is there a plan to implement the option and if so, when?

add me to the list looking for home monitoring at more than one location. i agree it would be huge plus for wyze. volume would go up. i think it would make more money than selling the wyze car???

Wyze,….lots of interest here and many use cases. Two homes or boats or AirBNB or parents or children or storage house. All of these second locations will be filled with more Wyze stuff beyond sensors like cameras, like vacuums, like all the stuff. Recurrent charge streams to boot.

Thanks for your prompt priority of this huge request.

Need ability to monitor multiple homes alarms under one app account.

We had purchased 2 home alarm account when it first came out and still to date one system is seating in the box waiting for the ability to have 2 accounts setup under one app account. Having 2 log ins and managing 2 accounts is not practical. There are other updates that most systems have that also should be updated.

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Respectfully, it’s pretty disappointing to see that this feature was requested well over a year ago and clearly has substantial support. I find it curious when a solutions’ provider doesn’t act diligently and intentionally to create a resolution. For everyone who takes the time to comment, imagine how many people want the same thing and are not taking the time to mention it.

Anyhow—add me to the list of someone with multiple locations that wants more out of their camera solution.

As a user, and the owner of more Wyze products than I care to think about, I’ve have found that their responses are less than appropriate. It seems like they all go in the “Circle 8 file ”

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Add me to the long list of people who have multiple homes (personal + AirBnB). Wyze is now starting to sell AirBnB starter kits for home monitoring, but the app doesn’t support entering more than 1 home. Seems like a ‘miss’ IMO.

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Can anyone provide detail on the AirBnB kit?

Maybe a link? Thx

So just an idea, but we should submitting tickets either online or by phone to call attention to this.
Any thoughts?

multiple homes

Ability to create more than two “homes”
with in app…
basically homes should be folders with groups within homes being sub folders
can we increase homes to say 5?

Ideally it would be great if you could do it the way smarthings app does it, multiple profiles within the same account (for each location). I bought a kit for my second home and I may need to return because there is no viable way to use it. The second alternative would be to create a second app in the iphone app store so that I could have 2 copies of the app with separate logins. One could be called Wyze1 and the other Wyze2 etc. Clearly this would cost Wyze money to have them both in the app store. Multiple profiles within the same app is critical if you are serious about the home monitoring business.

multiple homes

Multiple homes under one account, app home switcher feature. This seems to have come up in the past without response so resurfacing request. Ability to define multiple homes, primary, vacation, rental and group devices, enable services such as Monitoring would expand market opportunity and improve user experience.

Request to access home monitoring for both primary and secondary home under one account / login.

Request to access home monitoring for both primary and secondary home under one account / login so that you can check status of multiple homes on one place (cell phone app) without having to log out / log in under different accounts. Even if, for now, you still have to create 2 different accounts, there should be a way to toggle between the accounts (kinda like you can toggle between your gmail accounts without logging out of one to access the other).


Please🙏 add this feature. I will buy a second, and possibly third, monitoring system plus cameras, accessories, and subscriptions today if you do.


I would settle for additional Wyze apps on my phone. 1 for each additional business/property. Maybe one red, one green, one white, etc. Currently I cannot get an additional app from the app store. Only opens the existing app.

Thank you for your consideration if my request.

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