Home Monitoring Shipping

Hi all. I ordered my Wyze Home Monitoring system on April 28 and last Thursday, May 13, I finally got a notification that it had been shipped. When I look at the tracking number though, it says that the shipping information has been sent to the carrier and they are awaiting the package (i.e. the carrier has not gotten the package yet). I called today and asked what the problem was and they said that it could be lost…how could it be lost if the carrier hasn’t even gotten it yet? They’re making me wait 5-7 days before I can request they send a replacement. Has anyone else had this issue? It says online now that the home monitoring is out of stock, so I can only imagine how long it is going to take me to get my home monitoring if they need to send out an additional package if they lost it.

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It probably isn’t lost. The shipment tracking is terrible. Most likely you’ll either receive the product or get an updated notice of delivery date. Frequently, mine say USPS shipping and it turns out to be FedEx SmartPost. I can never really know how it was shipped or exactly when it will arrive but it usually does within 5 days of the shipping notice.