Home Monitoring shared contact without account

Is there a way to have my wife’s phone as a shared contact without her needing the app or a Wyze account ?
Note: I know that I can have her as an emergency contact, but that is not what I need here, I want her to get notified by Noonlight via text. The challenge is she doesn’t want to install another app or create an account just for that.

Beyond her installing the app and using your login or you sharing it to her login, I don’t think this is a possibility at this time.

Being able to add additional “SMS Notification Only” phone numbers would be a useful addition. Perhaps a post you can add to the #wishlist. I will vote for it.

As an alternative, you can automate this on your Android phone if you really need the functionality. 3rd party apps like BuzzKill and MacroDroid can monitor your phone for any specified push notification you get from Wyze or SMS notification you get from NoonLight and initiate an automated SMS Message to her phone from you with whatever you want it to say.

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Thanks, I’m going to add this to the wishlist.

If I use an automate tool to FW the text, what happens if she replies ?
It’s going to text back to me, not Noonlight, right ?

My use case is more like when I am away for travel and can’t manage my text, but my wife is home and use the Home Monitoring System.

Btw this looks a lot like Emergency contact existing feature, just to clarify: I would like the person to get the SMS from Noonlight and be able to answer with the secret word to clear the alarm (unlike Emergency contact who only get a “read only” SMS).

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Definately sounds like a #wishlist item.

Correct. This only gives her a notification. No ability to cancel an alarm like you are envisioning.

It sounds to me like she needs to install the app and either be added as a shared user or use your login so she gets push notifications and can control the system. Add her phone as the Emergency Contact so she also gets the phone call. By the time she does she can most likely use the app to disarm the alarm.


I’ve added an entry on the #wishlist. It is pending validation.

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