Home monitoring setup with using monitoring tab

Ok, yes I’m one of those guys that tends to jump right into things and sometimes it goes wrong. I wanted to setup my daughters Home monitoring system and after loading the Wyze app on her phone I powered up the hub and started pairing the entry sensors, all went well got alerts as I tested each sensor. Got to the keypads and only then realized that I should have been using the monitor tab while doing the setups. No problem (I thought) I’ll just reset the hub and start again. Well the hub is not resetting! Did I miss something? I need to totally reset hub but the reset button just seems to restart the hub. Is there a trick to a total reset of the hub? Thanks for any insight.

Try unplugging the hub and holding the reset button down for at least 60 seconds. You should see the status lights doing something during this time, but just keep holding the button in. Then plug back in and try doing the normal reset procedure.