Home Monitoring Sensors

SO I have all of these “I Backed Wyze” Stickers. Because I Pre-Ordered on several of your products and I have sold a bunch of your stuff to all of my friends. But now after waiting several months or more for my Home Monitoring system to get here. And finding out that I need 9 more entry sensors (note: nothing on the web site that said order them now or you don’t get them) Do I find out that I can not get them. Unless I return my system for a new one ! Meaning that they have the sensors but you don’t want to sell them to me. So they will make me take down everything that I already put up, send it back to them to refurbish and send back out. Then wait who knows how long to get a new one, when they could just send me the sensors. Bad decision for them to make with a loyal customer. Now I have a system that I 'am paying for it to be Monitored and it is useless. Can I get my money back and start my monitoring at a later date, NO ? Any Advice

From what I understand, they will eventually sell the sensors outside of the pre launch kit orders, but not until after their pre-order stuff is finished. I figure it’ll be like the other products…pre-order, out of stock for a while, then regular sales will start.

It’s the door sensors you’re looking for, right? I know you’re looking for nine, but if it would help you out of your jam a little, I could send you one of mine. Just got them yesterday and haven’t opened the second sensor yet.