Home Monitoring Sensor Question

I’m going through my house replacing the old V1 contact sensors on my exterior doors with my V2 and I’m wondering what happens if the reset button is pushed on a sensor once the system is armed? Previously the V1 sensors were actually outside the doors neatly tucked in the upper corner of the door frame. As I have placed 2 new V2 sensors the same way, I’ve realized an intruder could push the reset button. Would that set the alarm off or let them in.

I understand now in context of security it makes sense they are actually on the inside so they can’t be tampered but I never thought of that with the other sensors. Ive now got 2 V2s already stuck in place. I’d prefer they aren’t stuck on the inside of the door for aesthetics , but what’s the point of a security system that could be bypassed with one button?

I tested the V2 contact sensor out for ya, you’re in luck.
I pushed the reset button it did nothing , I pushed and held down the reset button it did nothing, I took it away from the magnet part , did the same thing , and it did nothing, it still functions as it is supposed to


Thank you for testing that, it’s good to know you can’t really tamper with them once they are associated to the hub.

You might want to consider if someone could remove the batteries from the sensors. Not sure what notification, if any, you would get. It would certainly disable the sensors.