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They recently talked about it in an AMA this summer and they also updated the roadmap to reflect that a “Loud Siren” is in development. We don’t have a lot more details than that at the moment, but I am looking forward to more when they can tell us more. The sooner, the better.


Exactly how hard is it to write a rule if alarm is active turn on outlet. Then you could use a wise outlet to turn on a strobe or a siren. I would think it would take about 10 minutes. If they have a decent programmer.


I’ve been asking for a siren for months, and Wyse still can’t figure out a solution.

Thank you, that’s the most encouraging news since I

It’s great to hear it’s still something they are working on! Thank you so much for responding so my question and have a great day!!!


They need to add useful rule features to monitoring so that we can control other wyze devices. The first rule should be to turn on and off an outlet while system is in alarm mode for the purpose of a siren.


OK, so 15 minutes.

That’s literally what we did - setup a siren (power loss cheap unit bought on Amazon) and created the rule for it to “chime” (by chime I mean ridiculous loud and light alert), by trigger / we set the hours the door sensors would open and disable the power outlet, so the alarm would ring. The alarm can be heard through the whole street tho lol

It know theirs a workaround, they should do something that works without this workaround. Its not perfect, so i cant do it in my actual setup. You should be able to connect wyze plug, like we connect the sensors and this way its really integrated with the hole security system

Couldn’t agree with you more. Wyze seems to move in slow motion. If you’re going to offer a Home Security System, you should include all the necessary components, just like competitors do. Hope we can get more people involved in this needed product addition. Thank you for keeping the discussion and subject alive.

Is the satellite siren out of stock? What retailer might have it?

Do you have link or even a make model I can search for I have a use case or use cases for this… thanks!

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A lot of optimism over the course of time but unfortunately all these months later and it doesn’t seem like Wyze resolved this issue. If this is the case I find this to be absolutely incredible!!

To reiterate, the reduce volume in the siren hub is only affecting certain people, not majority? Is it less than half? It certainly affected my volume and thus no longer own the product.

Feel bad for the people that have chose to stick it out with reduce siren volume. A siren with low volume absolutely defeats its sole purpose.

Almost 3 years later and still a pathetically quiet alarm siren! Wyze should be ashamed of themselves. But obviously the only thing that they care about is the $$. Unfortunately, this is not the Wyze of old.

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R&D is tasked with making black skins for all products.

That got resolved a while back. The hub siren should be back to normal volume for everyone. Basically back to the volume it used to have.

By “loud siren” I was talking about the project they had where they were planning on releasing a separate siren that would go even louder. That project got cancelled in January when they decided to switch to make 2023 “the year of the camera” and dropped most of their other non-camera projects.

I’m not sure about this. From what I’m reading the volume never really was restored to the level it was before the volume was nerfed in the fall of 2021. Because at volume at which it used to siren, no one complained about it.

It’s been pretty conclusively and objectively tested with actual devices measuring dB on the early firmware, the nerfing firmware and then the fixed firmware.

Wyze launched it with an advertised 88db at 2 feet away. It was tested at roughly

  • 91.8db max peak db on the original firmware
  • 80.5db max peak on the firmware that nerfed it
  • 93.9db max peak on the firmware that fixed it

I saw actual videos of a trusted friend/source demonstrating the differences of each firmware version with his 2 special db meters he bought just to prove everything. In fact, I believe it was his tests that got Wyze to believe us that the volume got dropped, then they looked into it more and admitted this was the case. It got accepted into the Fix-it-Friday event and was fixed in April:

So, objectively it’s been back to normal for a while now. People proved it by testing brand new hubs before updating the firmware, then cross-referenced that against hubs with the nerfed firmware, then cross-referenced that with the fixed firmware. It’s hard to argue with the sound db meters proving that it’s back to where it was originally. :man_shrugging: I have very few doubts they fixed it after seeing my friends’ tests.

BUT a lot of people want a much louder standalone siren still. Like one that breaks 100db.

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Oh ok, then I’m glad to hear, especially since I’m the original OP of this thread! :grinning:

The only thing from what you said that I would contest is the original nerfing in the fall of 2021 definitely seem to lower the volume more than what you described of 91.8 to 80.5 db.

I remember when the nerf occurred, I easily lost about half my volume!

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Then you are remembering correctly! A difference of 10 decibels is 10 times more intense, but in terms of perceived loudness, a 10db difference is seen as twice as loud, or when 10db lower, it sounds half as loud. So you are remembering exactly correctly, and that is actually an exact testament to the testing that was done which found just over a 10db difference which means the drop brought it to half as loud as it used to be. Now it is back to being twice as loud as it was when it dropped. So you don’t misremember anything. That is exactly what a 10 decibel difference means! You are right on the money there.

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