Home Monitoring Sense Hub arming audio/beep off

I agree

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I agree we needs this feature. I came from iSmartAlarm which was a great low cost self monitoring system until them went out of business. iSmartAlarm had the feature to use a silent entry exit delay for home and away. I only used it for away. If someone broke in they wouldn’t be able to find the control box by listening to the beeps and unplug it from the network before it went off. As for home I always had zero exit and entry delay because we are inside the house when home is set.


1000% yes…beeping freaks out the dog. Need a way to control volume of arm/disarm beep and mute it completely.


The latest beta app has this as an option. However, it doesn’t seem to work yet.


Sooo it says there is a silent mode now…. Yet it doesn’t work……:man_facepalming:


It does for mine…which app version and firmware? Running on ios or android? I’m running on iPad and iPhone. Need to see which app and firmware I have as I’m on my laptop right now.

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11.0.0 does not appear to work for silent set “Home” - it continues to beep for the 30 seconds which is the min (other than 0).

App version 2.22.16; hub firmware works to silence the countdown.


Sorry, I am running app version 2.22.21 but hub version, says firmware is uptoday, so I must need to be beta tester to get, will have to wait, I am not interested in Beta testing.

Yes, I’m running beta firmware on my HMS devices. I can say I like the silent countdown and the chime when door is opened

Glad to hear that silent and Door chime has been added. And major problem with beta

With the beta update of the Wyze Sense Hub (, if you can get it installed, the silent delay DOES now work, and you can enable/disable the open chime for each Entry Sensor.


Sadly the arming triggered entry / exit alarm is too noisy,

But when someone enters and I am home, asleep or distracted. I don’t want to give them a 30 second head start…

When I am inside the house, the switch from Dis Armed to Armed home, 30 sec arming beeps are too long n noisey.

Silencing entry or Arming beeps for just 10 seconds would be great ! For exit n entry.

I never knew how long 30 seconds of anything could be.

Or do I have all this set up wrong ???

Ps. Where is that entry / exit Chime ? That I got an email notification about a day or two ago ???

This should be available on the latest app and hub FW update.

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I am beating a dead horse here (call PETA).

If, I can move @ 5ft. Per sec just walking.
30 seconds means someone could move 150 ft.
Into your home before an alarm goes off.

I know we all live in mansions?

But most people are located within that distance, btwn the entry point and themselves.

I want, wish n beg, for a 10 sec silent or armed / arming tone .

How much AI. Programming wud that take ?

The 60 second long beeping when I arm my house is so loud and long I get worried it’s going to wake my sleeping baby. Is there a way we can either adjust the volume or even have a muting option?

Welcome ayakadufty. :+1:

There a few settings you can configure to help:

First, make sure you are running the latest Wyze app version, 2.23.23 for iOS or 2.23.21 for Android.

Make sure your HMS Hub firmware is up to date with version

Hub volume setting is at Wyze app Home > Monitoring tab (bottom middle icon) > Home Monitoring Settings > Hub Settings > Volume

Arm/disarm sound length and mute settings for Home and Away modes are at Wyze app Home > Monitoring tab (bottom middle icon) > Home Monitoring Settings > Entry & Exit Delay > choose Home > toggle on Silent Entry Delay if you wish to mute or set Entry Delay to adjust length of time. Repeat for Away settings.

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Not sure which group, is which anymore ?

A few times, I have used the keypad to set the @ home feature. I have one motion detector. When I come back and trip it, alarms go off ???

When i’m home, I set the keypad -
I get the system armed ( check )
No siren after that (check)

But when I re-enter thru that area (hrs /mins later) it trips.

This has happened 3 times.
This never happened before (sys 6 months old) ?

What’s going on ?

I hate to have those loud alerts. Disturbing folks late at night (neighbors, )

Feel free to move me to the right space.


Features already delivered. You can find it under Home Monitoring Settings/Entry & Exit Delay/Silent Delay.