Home Monitoring - pets triggering false alerts

I understand the new home monitoring sensors aren’t supposed to alert due to pets however I’ve had this happen twice when armed to “Away.” Other than reducing sensor sensitivity to low, anyone have other suggestions to keep this from continuing to happen?

Thank you.

Mount them upside down and lower. There is a section in the user guide that came with the HMS that discusses this.

Found online:

Wyze Motion Sensor v2

The motion sensor lets you know when large movement is detected. Where these come in handy: the garage, your nursery, or a back porch.

Tip: Mount your motion sensor on a wall ~7 feet high with the Wyze logo pointing to the LEFT . Do not place it near heat sources, or behind large objects.

Tip for pet owners: Standard mounting may result in false positives if you have large pet. Instead, mount your motion sensor on a wall or corner ~3 feet high (or just above your pet’s height). Make sure the Wyze logo is pointing to the RIGHT .