Home Monitoring not working after Noonlight call

I didn’t input my code in time when I opened the door and Noonlight called. I let them know it was a false alarm, but since then my Sense Hub can’t connect to the internet. I’ve reset my router and tried to reset the Hub (it has battery back up so there’s no way to hard reset other than the button). Nothing is working. Has anyone else had this issue?

I have never had any offline drop of my HMS after a Noonlight assisted Alarm cancellation. It has been a very long time since I had one though.

There are some steps you can take to reset the hub. Do not delete it from the App. If you do you have to start with a total reinstall.

  1. Connect it to the Ethernet Port if it isn’t already. it may automatically log in and connect so you can reconfigure the WiFi (:point_down:). If it doesn’t:
  2. Unplug the hub to go to battery power. Press the reset for just long enough for the lights to change status. Allow the hub to run thru it’s restart process until the 3 lights are solid. Then wait another 5 minutes. Sometimes it can be really slow. You can reconnect the power once the reboot is finished and the lights are solid.
  3. Check the app to see if the hub is now online.
  4. Make sure your GPS Location service is on in the phone settings. In the Hub Device Settings, click on Device Info → Change Connection. If it prompts you to select your network, complete the task. If it tells you to unplug ethernet to switch networks, the WiFi is already set.
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