Home monitoring Android notification on alarm?

Is there really no android notification when the alarm sounds? I get a notification that the door opens and closes, but nothing if the alarm goes off? I want to automate further alerts based on the notification using Tasker.
-edit - the manual says I get a push notification for an alarm. Maybe that isn’t sent in test mode?
–edit #2 – What else was there to do but set it off in normal mode and see what happens- In normal (non-Test) mode, you do get a notification. For those that care, the App is obviously Wyze, the title is “Alarm Active” (no quotes) and the text on mine was “Front Door has triggered an alarm. We are executing” it continues off of the screen, but I figure you can use Tasker with AutoNotification to intercept the notification and act on it.
—edit 3 —
For more fun, I was able to intercept Wyze notifications using Tasker+autonotification, and using tasker+autovoice, I can make Alexa say/play things. So if someone opens the door (or sets off the alarm etc) you can make Alexa tell them to get lost. It would be nice to be able to eliminate my phone/tasker from the equation though.