Home monitoring and Cameras

What service plan do I need? I would like to have home monitoring with 8-10 cameras.

It depends on what you want.

  • microSD Card can be used in every [V2, V3, Pan V1, Pan V2] cam no matter what other options you pick. This will allow you to either record 24/7, OR just record whenever there is motion present present; and depending on the size of your SD card and the resolution you record at, you can have anywhere from days of recordings up to week and months of recordings stored. [as clarified below, VDB cams and WCO cams have limitations that don’t easily allow continuous recording to SD cards]

  • Cam Plus Lite: At any price you want or for Free…it covers ALL your cams. You get 12 second cloud events as often as every 5 minutes, with person detection included.

  • Cam Plus: Depending on whether you get it Monthly or yearly per cam, or in a bulk special offer, there are different prices. But it will allow you to record everything with motion in it stored on the cloud, as well as give you a ton of cool detection options like person, pet, package, vehicle, and several others depending on the cam you have.

  • Cam Plus Pro - there is a monthly and yearly option, and each camera needs it’s own subscription. This has everything Cam Plus does as well as several other options including professional Home monitoring that will even dispatch law enforcement to your home if there is an intrusion, and you don’t need any other equipment beside cameras watching your doors or windows while it is armed.

  • Wyze Home Monitoring Service - This requires you to get a starter pack that includes a hub and sensors that you put on your doors and windows. It also will do professional monitoring and dispatch law enforcement when there is a break-in.

It partially depends what you are looking for and your price range. Each have their advantages and disadvantages.

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One caveat to what @carverofchoice mentioned about the SD cameras:

The V2, V3, and Pan Cameras take an SD card and allow for continuous recording.

The doorbell cams have no SD card availability.

The Wyze outdoor cam (battery powered with base) can only do scheduled recordings/event recordings. The sd card cannot be used to continuously record due to battery constraints.


Thanks for having my back on that one buddy. I totally forgot to clarify that! :slight_smile:


Great writeup @carverofchoice! Bookmarking this to share later.

@jtwade1978, I have the HMS (Wyze Home Monitoring Service) with 12 cams on CamPlus.

Another caveat: with the Home Monitoring Service using cams on basic, CamPlus Lite, or CamPlus… only 5 of your cams can be integrated into the HMS as ‘Security Cams’. Right now that doesn’t give you much extra functionality for professional monitoring as Noonlight cannot access those cams.
But there are plans for that to be improved. The rest of your cams will be designated as standard cams. They will all record to an SD Card and record motion events to the cloud, but they cannot trigger an alarm, only an alert to your phone.