Home Monitoring and Cam Protect Support for Multiple Locations/Addresses

I need option 1 which they promised was coming over a year ago. It is a real hassle to maintain two separate accounts.

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One way to go since you ran cat 6 cable. Is go with an expandable Wifi 6 Mesh router system. I have set up similar using cat 8 cables. Which inclues both indoor and outdoor mesh routers I have the Deco mesh network. With a main hub and 3 satalites all running off cables. However all the cables is not completely neccessary. If a satalite can receive a wifi signal then it boosts and expands. A tree took down one of my cables and that satalite it was hooked to is still picking up and sending signals. Im going to replace the cable eventually but havent been in a rush to work on it yet. But that shows the capability of the system. So I bought the deco with 3 hubs and added the outdoor hub because i have wyze cams out by my mailbox watching the road (privately owned deadend cul-de-sac). I put the 2rd satalite in our back shed so the back yard cam has service. Back yard watches 5 acres. And the 3rd set up at our work shop on the other side of our driveway. Im only running 3 total. That leaves me with one spare which i havent made use of yet. But eventually were going to put another house on our property. But i can continue to piggy back (daisy chain) using cat 8 cables to reach the new site plan. Plugging from one hub to another until i get my desired coverage.

Heres links for the deco mesh system

TP-Link Deco AX3000 WiFi 6 Mesh… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09PRB1MZM?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

TP-Link Deco Outdoor Mesh WiFi… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BKPRCS6W?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

Home Monitoring for Multiple Addresses Under One Account

I’d really like to have Home Monitoring available for more than one location, but still under my one account.


The forums have been asking for this for years. Wyze doesn’t seem to prioritize it. So we are stuck having to create two logins. It is so stupid that they can’t fix this.

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not being certain of which platform you use to launch the Wyze application allow me to assume that you use an apple device in which case a workaround maybe a shortcut

WHY this has not been solved by now really eludes me. I would love to have Wyze home monitoring in several of my short term rentals.

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This has been an issue since forever.I have wyze of course but my second home is monitored by simpli safe. You can have another home monitored by the same app. The home page has both addresses (don’t know how many you can have) pick the one you want to check out! I think all of you have been saying that and can be done. And it is being done. All the sensors look the same only different are the cameras. Can someone from wyze check that out please!

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Thanks for the SimpliSafe recommendation. In the next couple of months, I’ll need a security system for a third home. If this issue isn’t fixed, I’ll be moving my current account to SimpliSafe and adding the other two. Wyze - please get it together! I would love to stay with you, but this is a deal breaker.

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This is also my need and a basic feature that most manufacturers provide.
It is an essential resource for effective monitoring.
I see that this topic has been open since May 2021, and the manufacturer does not seem to be interested in this facility.
I like the quality of Wyze’s cameras and it’s unfortunate that I have to look for another brand that meets my needs.

Thanks !

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Does anyone here know if you can have multiple hubs at different locations in the same app if you forego professional monitoring? I just received notice that Piper services are shutting down and need basic Sense Hub v2 functionality, but I don’t know if the app supports two hubs - one monitored and one not.

Yes, you can even have multiple hubs in the SAME location. @R.Good has 3 hubs in the same house. Other people have hubs in different houses but on the same account.

The way it works is that you can have HMS assigned to one hub. After that, you can have as many hubs as you want, but none of the others will work with the HMS subscription, just that one. The others can all be used to connect sensors and have them do notifications and rules and stuff, they just can’t trigger the HMS alarm unless they’re connected to the one hub that was assigned to the HMS subscription. :+1:

As far as I know there is no way to have multiple locations on the same account. HMS would be a problem since the alarms would go to different jurisdictions. If there is a way to accomplish this, I would welcome someone to explain to me how it is done. In the forums this is a feature that users have been asking about for several years.

What you said is Correct. You can only have one location using HMS on the same account.

I was responding to a user asking if it was possible to use more hubs if you don’t use them with the HMS, and that does work.

Here are the possible options for using multiple hubs:

  • Option 1 on the same account:
    • Hub 1 has the HMS used at Location A only.
    • Hub 2 (or more) has no HMS but is used at Location B. It can still use sensors and get notification when a sensor opens/closes or detects motion, and it can trigger rules, but any sensors on Hub 2 cannot set off an HMS alarm or be monitored by Noonlight, only self-monitoring through App notifications.
  • Option 2 on the same account:
    • Hub 1 has the HMS at Location A.
    • Hub 2 (or more) has no HMS but is also used at Location A. It can still use sensors and get notifications when a sensor opens/closes or detects motion, and it can trigger rules, but any sensors on Hub 2 cannot set off an HMS alarm or be monitored by Noonlight, only self-monitoring through App notifications.

The above 2 options are currently allowed. User sean.parent was asking if the above is possible and I was saying that, yes, the above does work as he asked.

We, in this Wishlist want to be able to do the following, which is not currently possible:

  • Option 3 doesn’t work yet: HMS at 2 different locations on the same account:
    • Hub 1 has the HMS at Location A.
    • Hub 2 has the HMS at Location B.

You are correct that option is not currently possible. I was simply informing the previous poster that what he was asking (having a separate hub at a second location WITHOUT the HMS) is possible.

I hope that clarifies things, I was just answering a user whether they could still add more hubs as long as they don’t have HMS, and they can do that :+1:

While I do not use the “Home Monitoring System” - I do have 3 locations with Cameras on cam plus, all on different wifi networks - all on the same app.

I have cameras at my primary home, a waterfront dock where my boats are (5 miles away and a different wifi) and also a single camera at a farm on a cell hotspot. No issues at all.

Hello I cannot even set up can protect and I only use my 2 Wyze cameras at one single location. It says an error code 400 saying already an hms profile existing or something like that. So I pay for can protect but cannot even use it. It will not allow me to set it up. I have contacted Wyze probably 30 times with no resolution whatsoever. If anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated thank you

While this thread appears to date back to 2021, monitoring multiple locations from the same app using a single login been a frequent complaint/feature request for longer than that.
At this point I do not expect Wyze to do anything about it. I don’t understand their business priorities on this, but it’s their company.
Like many, I’d double my device and subscription count if I could use this feature.

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The only option remains creating two accounts say - Jdoe@gmail.com and John.Doe@gmail.com essentially the same email account but it lets you do two logins.