Home Assistant Integration

I looked at life360 a long time ago, but I thought it required a subscription or something to really do anything, so I dropped it. Would all that work out well on a free tier? (because I think there is a free way to do the geofencing in Home Assistant)

Free version allow 3 places. For the alarm purpose, you only need setup 1 place which is your home.

HA itself can’t have geofencing, it will something to track the person is home or not. I think one way is to track if the mobile phone is connected to home wifi or not.

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Not sure how to convince everyone…Kitchen Door sensor below is the one from the previous image. It is connected to a bridge in a black V2.


Thanks. I will try it out when I have free time.

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Has anyone tested the ability to arm/disarm HMS with HA? If so, would you post how you setup in HA?

Thank you, I appreciate this, I’m sure you saved me a lot of time looking around for options to make this home or away thing work for Home Assistant. Like you said, that’s basically all I"m really looking for, so a single place (home or not) should work fine for most home automations. I’m excited to get into that.

I know Wyze has promised this geofencing stuff is all coming natively to their ecosystem, but who knows how far off that is, and having it now and having the extra functionality available to custom rules in Home Assistant will be really awesome. Thank you for taking the time to make the recommendation and give me clarification/reminder on what the free tier offers.

I tested that the control actually worked through Home Assistant (it did actually arm and disarm correctly through the Home Assistant dashboard), but I haven’t set up a rule/automation to do this on a schedule or condition just yet…too many work deadlines keeping me busy. I do intend to do this though. If/when I do it, I will post about it. I assume it should work basically the same way as setting up a rule for turning a bulb or plug on or off, just instead of the bulb/plug we substitute telling the HMS to arm or disarm as the action.

Yes - Please !!! I have many sensors and would love for them to keep working!

Just started playing with the rules to setup a schedule to arm the system in the home mode…options for arm/disarm are pretty basic:

There is also a new card type that displays and controls the HMS status:

Screenshot 2021-06-16 at 22-51-18 Overview - Home Assistant

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Just ran my rules manually and system armed/disarmed quickly. Tested the new card as well and it works as designed. We may have a winner here. :joy:

Seems there maybe a bug that causes the API to fail. I’ve noticed my sensors all go offline periodically:


This is a good idea. Even without GPS conditions involved, for now I should at least set up rules to automatically arm and disarm my HMS during typical sleeping hours. Seems like it should be simple enough to do. The options for it are simple enough.

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Dave Crosby just announced that Development on v3 RTSP is now complete and it is in internal testing with Wyze employees and he expects it to be publicly released in 3-4 months (could be sooner, but he doesn’t want to over-promise). He also said they would next consider RTSP for the Video Doorbell, though they haven’t really gotten into it yet.

This will be tempting to implement into Home Assistant. I read another guy saying he uses the V2 RTSP in Home Assistant running through motioneye and DeepStack does the Person Detection for him for free so he can do person detection automations with almost any kind of customized rules. If it works well, I could consider moving a lot of my cameras to that since there is so much more flexibility of outcome that way. I like Wyze’s AI and all, but their rules are so limited. Would be nice if it didn’t require a separate firmware though.


Turned on my HMS arm/disarm automations for overnight. Will see if they work.

Update: Couldn’t wait so modified them to run earlier. I made the mistake of having delays for the Arm to Home automation and had to listen to the incessant bing, bing bing before it finally armed. Ten minutes later the disarm rule ran. Both completed without a hitch.


That is good news (re: RTSP on v3). I’m looking forward to using H-A as my universal viewer. I’ve also been enjoying the camera as motion detector discussions.

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esp32 bruhhh

Ok - now you all are really making me want to remove 2FA so I can do this. :slight_smile:

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FYI, even with using RTSP, you can still use the Wyze app for cams…both at the same time,…so there is no “moving” involved

Yeah, except for they say we do lose some of the other features or other future updates, Cam Plus and AI features included…which won’t matter for the majority of the cams, but I do like Cam Plus on some cams (I have 6 subscriptions currently). Plus the effort of having to go take down all the cams I want to manually flash over to the RTSP firmware.

All of that is what I was referring to by “moving.”

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Quick question for ha-wyzeapi, For each camera, there are two entities.

  • What is the entity with flash icon and how to use it?
  • For the other entity it is motion sensor, does it support person detection vs other motion? I do have legacy free person/motion detection. On the wyze app, I can filter to just see person, and also can setup notification only for “Wzye AI Events”. Are these available on the ha-wyzeapi too?


The one with the flash is, I think, a switch used to turn things on and off. Not sure how to use it since I haven’t. The other is a motion sensor, not person or other AI. Just simple motion like the camera without CamPlus or legacy person detection. The AI pieces are not directly available within HA but may be via other integrations.