Home Assistant Integration

I’m interested. Please DM me any prices. Thanks.

It’s still disappointing that Wyze isn’t planning on supporting Home Assistant any time soon, but I noticed my new HMS hub puts out a Bluetooth signal. I’m hoping someone can figure out how to connect that signal to HA so we could read sensor status and hopefully control the arming status.

All is sold but the watches now. Anyone want the watches contact me.

Yup, that makes it official for me too. Passing out or flashing any wyze devices i have, HomeAssistant support is a deal breaker.


Anyone having issues with their wyzeapi integration?
I’ve got the contact sensor on my garage door which activates lights and path lighting in the backyard when it’s dark out and I get home
As of three days ago, just randomly stopped working…not sure what happened. The sensor entity initially showed up in HA as “ unavailable” and now it’s just gone.
Still working well through the wyze app but that’s useless for me on its own.

Maybe your API issue has something to do with This

No I’ve got the most up to the app version and all my devices are on latest firmware

The reason I bring this up is I think the HomesAssistant API may rely on the API they’re depreciating due to “security concerns”

Oh that would be terrible news, I was afraid something would be updated that would break it.

Version 1 sensors can corrupt their flash if their battery gets too low.

Battery says “normal” on the Wyze app though

I’ve said it before. This company has been pushing to get so many products out recently that they’ve lost sight of what they’re doing

Are they a security camera company? A vacuum company? A fitness band company? Seems like the MO is to just jump on the latest trend, make a cheap version and wait for the next one.

I’ve checked back on this throughout the years… but gave up a long time ago. Wyze is NOT for Home Assistant users. Local control is ABSOLUTELY crucial for anything security driven… and a home ought to be. This is a cloud/subscription minded company ONLY. Three year old promises are broken promises. We may not see the sense in giving up all these eager customers, but they’re not really losing out thanks to people “eagerly awaiting” API access, native RTSP support, etc., and still buying products because of the price point. They’re avoiding the topic and staying within their legal obligations… I feel deceived, but that is not a matter of fact. I’ve still recommended Wyze since giving them up for my own use, but only where it is appropriate. Home Assistant forum users who have recommended Wyze really should reevaluate their advices, and likely save many the hassle of broken dreams and promises.


Well said.

Likewise, I’ve made my last Wyze purchase. I’m happy enough with the cameras I have, but plan to replace them as they “age”. My next automation purchase will be a thermostat. I will likely pay 2x the price of a Wyze thermostat for an ecobee. The price of a thermostat over 10+ years is negligible compared to the cost of installation (even my own time :wink: ) improved security and standalone operation (no internet connection required).

…I’ll continue to recommend Wyze Cams to family and friends when appropriate for their requirements.

Same here. I had pre-ordered the watch and the doorbell. Then ended up cancelling it. Now I am investing in Sonoff or Aqara.

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I just cast vote 1501… these posts dont sound too promising… this is my first Wyze Outdoor Outlet that I am planning to use with HA. So far there seem to be some drawbacks with Wyze compared with TP-Link. 1) Must use HACS (less secure), 2) Must disable 2FA (less secure). 3) Cloud-only (no local). Hopefully Chip/Matter helps fix things like this. Sounds like the next few outlets we buy wont be from Wyze. In the end, selfish sandboxers play alone.



I finally just got around to trying out the HACS JoshuaMulliken Wyze Home Assistant Integration for Wyze devices and I have to say that I love it so far! I finally have the ability to set up tons of really cool automation events with way more options and conditions without all the limitations of Wyze rules. It’s giving me the ability to do the majority of the stuff I’ve been begging Wyze to add support for. Definitely going to have to buy Joshua a coffee for the work he’s done and shared with everyone.

Seriously, since it’s all open source Wyze should just copy most of it since all the work has been done for them and make it officially available and just add the few extra things left to add support for since they have full access. Joshua did an amazing job. Very impressed. Hopefully Wyze doesn’t disable it, because this just made me love all my Wyze stuff all the more. I can even control the HMS through Home Assistant now.

Still wish everything could run locally/intranet, but at Wyze’s prices I can at least live with it set up this way.


What holding me to try that integration is it doesn’t support 2FA. Hope it can support it later and also support first generation of contact sensors and motion sensors.

Interesting, since I just barely set it up I hadn’t yet noticed that the V1 sensors aren’t updating status, but you are right. That’s a shame. They imported and everything but the few I just checked are not updating the status to “open” when I try it. I hope he figures that out soon, but he might not if he doesn’t have any. Sad, because I have a ton of bother versions of the sensors.

My V1 motion sensors are udpating. I replaced my v1 contact sensors with V2 Sensors.

He decided to remove support for v1 sensors. I recalled there is closed issue for that.