Home Assistant Integration

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Thank you for reconsidering.


All I can say at this point is that I haven’t heard of us going this route specifically but that we have been discussing developer APIs. Sorry I don’t have more info for you!


That is great news

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I agree! Though it isn’t a guarantee at this point. Right now, it’s under investigation and discussion and it’s still possible we won’t go that route.


I’ve added my upvote here.

I thought I’d take advantage of the significant interest in this thread to lobby for support of Pan-Presets for the WyzeCam Pan.

No presets on WyzeCam Pan. Please provide your upvote. I believe that fixing this would be a weekend project for one of the Wyze Software Engineers.

[edit…] I was so busy whining about the new WyzeCam Outdoor I forgot to mention I’m also investigating Yi Outdoor plug-in wifi cameras + the Yi-hack. If anyone has experience with these cameras, it may be time for a new thread. Note: the Yi-Hack firmware supports Home Assistant!!

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Huh I thought Yi was already supported. Also, that firmware guy is charging for RTSP support?

RTSP server - which will allow a RTSP stream of the video while keeping the cloud features enabled (available to the supporters of the project).`


EDIT: clarification: (yi-hack is “free” viewd & RSTP support are donationware)… but charges are modest(5 euros between $USD6 - $USD7). I’m just at the beginning of this exploration

YiHack mod to enable VIEWD and RSTPv4

(from URL referenced above)
NOTE: viewd is currently closed source donationware and can’t be compiled. This is mostly to prevent others from monetizing this function, for example Chinese sellers selling pre-hacked cameras and such. Sadly those exist… Keep in mind that you don’t have to donate insane amounts! A single year of Yi-Cloud subscription already costs ~40$, to put things into perspective.

Honestly that’s pretty disappointing. Of course people should be paid for their work if they ask, but at least two different pages led me to believe most Yis were already supported. :frowning: Thanks.

Yi Home Cameras - Home Assistant

rtsp firmware is free from wyze, what are you on about all this hackenfirmware? Hold up. I’ll update this comment with the proper linkage.

legit googled “wyze cam rtsp”

first link

No no, Dave was talking about Yi, not Wyze here.

ohhhhh, my mistake, There is some weird firmwares out there for rtsp enabling for the wyze cameras, but no thanks. I’ll just stick with the wyze released ones, if at all possible.

Kind of interesting you say that. Being a Home Assistant person I would have expected you’d prefer the likes of Dafang to expose additional features, add privacy, etc.

Well, yes, and no. I appreciate the gesture, but I cannot confidently vet the programming behind defangs, I just figure the stable, and currently secure wyze version I’m running works, and leaves me less open to a bad actor in the future. I’ll just add, my wife uses the wyze app / cameras alot, this would disallow alot of that particular functionality. Like the panning, replay of sdcard from the web, web control. Hassio has been less then stable when it comes to my cameras, so I much prefer the wyze backhual so to speak.

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Arrgh. That is not what I wanted to hear in this thread. :frowning:

Ah well.

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Just wanted to add on about Wyze RTSP and HA. I have been using the Wyze cam’s with RTSP and HA for ~6 months. The video streams direct into HA frontend have some issues, but I have found the MotionEye add-on for viewing the live RTSP streams has been very solid with few issues.

I also use MotionEye and some homegrown python scripts to merge 5 minute clips into 60 minute clips for archiving the streams on a separate SMB server. It has been fairly stable. HA and Add-ons run on RPi 4, SMB server for storage on a separate RPi 4. I have not yet attempted to use MotionEye to capture motion events and send alerts with video links. (I still use the Wyze account to look for events if needed)


My experience has been a bit different to the point where I thought it was a network issue rather than a HA issue. When I would lose the stream in HA, I would lose in tinycam, motioneye and HA together. However, wyzeapp would work fine. Hence, the issue might not be unique to HA

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That’s kind of an argument not to use the official RTSP firmware…

I’ve kind of wanted to try the defangs, just to see if it clears up these issues, but I honestly think it’s how hassio/and it’s front end deal with streaming video. not perfect, but it’s functional currently.

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I cant see myself buying any other Wyze products other than the cameras without some kind of integration. I would love to buy but it just doesn’t seem like a good idea. You dont even have to integrate with HA directly. Just give the community an api and let us do the work for you!