Hold Temperature override Rules

How do I hold a thermostat temperature and prevent a rule from changing it’s status?

Go into the T-Stat and at the bottom there is a slider called Controls. Tap on that, then at the bottom there is a hold button, tap on that and pick a time to hold for. If you want to hold until you cancel it, don’t set a date or time.

I know how to hold a thermostat. How do I prevent a rule from stopping the hold?

If you have a rule for changing modes, other than disabling the mode, I am not sure you can.

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you know of anyway?

The Thermostat will remain on hold if a rule changes the State (away\home\sleep). But, the state will change and the temps being held will also change to the preference temps set for that state outside of the scheduled temps. It will hold those new temps until the next schedule change.

IMO, hold should maintain all settings until next schedule change or hold is lifted by time or manually. Or, if the state is changed, the hold should drop. Might be a new wishlist request.

In this case, since rules have the same priority as a manually entered command, the only option I see is to either restrict the rule by a time constraint or delete it altogether.

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Thanks, that is what I thought

I was surprised that the thermostat didn’t hold and was changed by the rule. I had to disable the rule and hold the temp for it to work. Seems like hold should hold.

I would put a Wish List in for that. It would be handy

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