HMS - Send email when system is disarmed

It would be nice if the Home Monitoring System would send me an email whenever someone disarms the system.

Sorry to be a pessimist but I don’t know of any Wyze products that send emails or text messages.

would be even better if a short video or picture could be uploaded on disarm to identify who disarmed.

Not sure how you would accomplish that since it can be disarmed from the phone or keypad and the video/picture requires a camera.

Best bet would be implementation of another request (multiple users in HMS) so that you have an indication of who’s code was used, and then always upload a short video when system is disarmed. If disarmed from a phone/tablet/app, then there should be a device ID (MAC ID) present which could be used. Might be a little to complex for the general use case of Wyze products though.