HMS Pricing

Tell me I’m crazy. I ordered HMS during the Father’s Day promo.

The next day, I get an email for a free leak sensor with order… and the price is the exact same as Father’s Day (plus you get the free sensor). There are a few bundles to choose from, but price is the same as I paid.

So I email support to cancel and re-order, and they tell me I’ll lose the promo, then we go back and forth to confirm price is the same. (Really I just wanted them to add a free leak sensor to my order from 24 hours ago, rather than them incurring shipping twice and restocking an open unit, but no dice so I’ll play it their way).

So I finally go to process my return today, and now the packages are gone and the price of the base starter kit is $5 higher. Did they change the price/deal three times in two weeks, or am I missing something?

I’ve got a ton of cameras laying around and that’s really all that’s keeping me in the ecosystem at this point. Should I suck it up and just skip the free sensor, or return it and go elsewhere?

Do you have a need for the sensor? Do you know for a fact that it works? It is brand new and I don’t know anyone who has one or who has tried it as a beta tester. You are probably better off keeping the kit rather than returning it and paying the higher price. I’d wait to be sure the sensor is worth the money and that there aren’t significant issues with it.