HMS Failed Motion Sensor

I am actually quite disappointed with support. All the questions about app versions, pressing the reset on the hub, etc. make no sense. Motion sensor sends alert to hub; hub sends notice to NoonLight and Wyze Servers; server sends alert to my phone. Where does the app get involved in any of this up until the notification? I know the app is used to configure all of this, but isn’t it the sensor that sends the alerts and servers which send the notification? Shouldn’t I receive alerts and trigger NoonLight even if my phone is not running the app?

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My door sensor is continually offline. I find myself rebooting the system all the time just to get it back online. Ridiculous piece of crap!! I’ll never buy another one.

Are the motion detectors from the HMS system operating properly (Or are you seeing disconnect issues?)

The V2 HMS window/door sensors are supposed to be more reliable with longer range… Of course, that seems to be part of the problem with wireless devices in general today… Most of these new devices will advertise that the signal strength can reach longer distances…

So I wonder if its possible that in your operating environment, there is some interference going on with the wifi signals… Often times, if there is another router in your house (or neighbor) that has hopped onto the same wifi channel , then you will have interference and packet collision… The thought is when you reboot your router, you are forcing it to refresh… And Often times, general support (not necessarily Wyze) will recommend that your reboot your router once a week to help clear out some old cache and to receive any updates from your internet service provider … Yes, less than ideal…

I’ve recently migrated pretty much all my older Sense sensors over to the HMS hub. Thus far, the V2 sensors have all been behaving… The quirkiness I am working on trying to resolve is why am I getting low battery messages from several of the first gen Wyze sense motion sensors… (I’ve change changed the batteries several times, but I am still sporadically getting the low battery message… (However, if I delete the sensors and then associate these sense motion detectors back onto an older V2 with a bridge attached… then I am not getting the low battery messages…)