HMS Failed Motion Sensor

How often is the motion sensor triggering? Is there an interval or is it at random times? What did you have as an action for your camera rule?

There isn’t any pattern. Rule was just record video if sensor detects motion.

I too have an issue with the new motion sensor, No pets and no people in the home but motion detected that is not detected by cameras. Generating alarms to monitoring center that so far we have handled without dispatch.

How do we work to resolve?

Not sure how to resolve it as support was unhelpful. Received an email from them this morning suggesting I reboot the sense hub. Still haven’t heard back as to how you do that since unplugging it simply switches to battery.

Anyway, my support ticket is 1233058 if anyone can light a fire under support and get an expert involved. A motion sensor that triggers alerts to the alarm company randomly without motion is of no use.

My problems continue… false motion detection resulting in a call from the monitoring center asking me how I want to handle this alarm event. I purchased the home alarm system to have peace of mind but now I am dealing almost daily with a ‘do you want to dispatch the police question’.

I have 5 cameras monitoring this small house. I see no motion. There is never been anyone in the house and no pets at the time of the motion.

I question the quality of the motion sensor.

I have sent logs and have an open ticket as well 1241344

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Found this post from the Wyze HMS team:

Did you ever hear anything back from support?

No not yet

When did you submit the ticket?

Have you tried moving the motions sensor to a different part of the house? (Just to try and eliminate something funky going on in the spot the sensor is currently located… If it triggers in multiple locations and there is no heat or motion triggering it that you know of, then sounds like an issue possibly with the hardware…)

The cameras not picking up motion is not necessarily a true definitive indicator of motion or no motion in the area… Although the V2 motion sensors are supposed to be pet friendly… it could be picking up motion from objects you may have near the sensor… like Mylar balloons moving about or possibly rodents/critters…etc… maybe spiders/bugs if they got too close tot he lens… (although not likely… but it seems to be happening frequently enough… so I would check the location of where it is mounted and move it to another spot to test theory…)

I agree it is a good idea to reposition the sensor to see if the problem follows but it is 125 miles from me :slight_smile:

The issue is it points down the middle of the two main rooms of the house. It is not pointed at a window or any ventilation ducts. No curtains blowing, no balloons, no sign of rodent activity and none on camera. If its spiders then I just have to live without the motion but no signs of them / webs etc. Also it triggers at various times of day and night so cannot be sunlight driven.

They are reviewing logs to see what they can determine.

Wow… Yes, that would be hard to do any retesting that far away…

Hmmm… Then the options I would explore in the meantime while you wait for Wyze to review the logs are:

Option 1: You can order a new HMS motion sensor (now that they are available) and plan a trip up there so that you can replace it with the new sensor you receive… And of course, it that new one doesn’t trigger the alarm… then you know it was the sensor itself … (However, if the new one still trips the alarm, then something else is not right…) If it’s the sensor, then you can contact Wyze for warranty on the part…

Option 2: More testing needed. I would be at that location (in another room) and then activate the HMS alarm system to see what happens (whether the motion sensor is getting tripped from some type of interference signal or something…)

Option 3: You can remove the Motion sensor from the “home” and “away” monitored list so that the HMS system will not look for any activity from the motion sensor until you get that resolved…

I am with you on how to troubleshoot… Already have moved to the armed HOME during night time hours so I sleep but armed away during the day to catch any events for sure and ok to cause a little pain to Wyze for the situation.


Please keep us posted as you get it all worked out!!

Would be interesting to find out what it is that is causing it to trip!!!

Good luck with support. Here is the email I got from them (anyone know how to power cycle the hub? :thinking: ):

I hope this email finds you well.

Our chat just got disconnected.

For now, we just need to make sure that you have the latest version of the App on your phone.
To find what version of the app, please follow these steps.

Open the Wyze app on your phone/tablet then go to the Account tab.
Tap on " ABOUT" then look for “Version Number” under the Wyze Logo.

Please confirm to me the version that you’re getting.

Please also make sure that the hub is directly connected to the main power source. Once checked, press the reset button on the back of the hub. Let me know if you’re hearing any voice prompts when the button is pressed. If all else fails, please power cycle the sense hub and the router.

Let us know about your progress. I hope these suggestions help.

Thank you!

You cannot power cycle the hub as the back up battery is non-removable (at least without a soldering iron).

If we hold the reset button long enough it factory resets which means start over with setup and device discovery.

I had troubles with install as the hub dropped offline with ethernet connection. There was / is no reboot option for the hub to attempt re-connection. Supports solution was to start over and connect hub over Wi-Fi.

Not having the ability to hard reboot the hub is an oversight in design…IMHO

Yes, I know. Why does support include that as a troubleshooting step? :thinking: Look at the second to last paragraph.

I will push this up to Wyze, I do not know of a way to power cycle it.

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Tech was simply quoting a script.

Yes, and it needs removed from the script unless there is a way to power cycle and if there is they need to disclose that also

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I am actually quite disappointed with support. All the questions about app versions, pressing the reset on the hub, etc. make no sense. Motion sensor sends alert to hub; hub sends notice to NoonLight and Wyze Servers; server sends alert to my phone. Where does the app get involved in any of this up until the notification? I know the app is used to configure all of this, but isn’t it the sensor that sends the alerts and servers which send the notification? Shouldn’t I receive alerts and trigger NoonLight even if my phone is not running the app?

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