HMS - Exit/Entry Delay - Set shorter or custom times for delays

Please add the ability to set a custom exit/entry delay times instead of the preset, 0,30,60 sec options or at the very least a shorter delay then 30 seconds. Maybe 5 or 10 seconds to help reduce false alarms.

30 seconds before an alarm is triggered seems too long in the event of a break in but setting to zero is too short in case of an accidental opening of a door. Another option is needed please.

Minimum Entry/Exit Delay Delay Time Too Long On HMS.
Need An Additional Option Of 15 Seconds For Entry/Exit Delay.

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Please add a 15 second option for the entry and exit delay.

30 seconds it a bit too long , if an intruder breaks in they would have 30 seconds to do some damage. 15 seconds would be quicker to trigger the alarm.