HMS - Exit/Entry Delay - Set shorter or custom times for delays

Please add the ability to set a custom exit/entry delay times instead of the preset, 0,30,60 sec options or at the very least a shorter delay then 30 seconds. Maybe 5 or 10 seconds to help reduce false alarms.

30 seconds before an alarm is triggered seems too long in the event of a break in but setting to zero is too short in case of an accidental opening of a door. Another option is needed please.

Minimum Entry/Exit Delay Delay Time Too Long On HMS.
Need An Additional Option Of 15 Seconds For Entry/Exit Delay.

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Please add a 15 second option for the entry and exit delay.

30 seconds it a bit too long , if an intruder breaks in they would have 30 seconds to do some damage. 15 seconds would be quicker to trigger the alarm.

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Adding a 5, 10, and 15 seconds delay would be very much appreciated. Giving 30 seconds for an intruder to go without an alarm is too long. Zero gives no time to disarm before alarm goes off.