Highly dissatisfied with the outdoor camera

I cannot be the only person that is highly dissatisfied with the outdoor camera. The battery died after 2 Months, YES, 2 Months. That is ridiculous as my camera is mounted real high on my garage and now that winter is hitting I won’t be able to get on a ladder to get it down and charge. It takes 5 minutes as the fastest notification and when I look at the video, it has not started until the person is most of the way through the screen. If it takes 5 minutes (and sometimes up to 1/2 hour) to notify me that something or someone has been on my driveway, WHY HAVE IT? It also did not detect a kid on a bike, ride right up next to my car, possibly damaging my car, and then turning around and going back down my driveway. Not a single video of this happening on the outdoor cam. I have a V2 in my upstairs window but I cannot see all of my driveway with it and it did catch the kid on video. I have the sensitivity detection set on high and the distance set at 60 so it should have detected it. I want my money back!!