Hey - new firmware update - oops - here we go again!

Around 12/23, when I opened the app, I was prompted to update my firmware. Having felt burned by new glitches a couple of times in the past, I’ve hesitate on occasion, but always finally succumbed and updated. This time, I obediently updated immediately. I have 5 V2s and 2 V3s with Cam Plus. In the ensuing days, those 2 V3s show “This device is offline”. If I then click on them, they “wake up” and work fine. It’s just an irritation that makes me feel that these updates are not tested before pestering users to update. Compared to the missing detections (about 50% of known events), I guess it’s minor, but it sure adds to my reasons for not buying Cam Plus for all my cameras. Not ready for prime time.

Hey - should I add that my SD card data spontaneously stopped being saved? Or that clicking on “format” doesn’t format the card? Or that my jumping in front of a camera and waving my arms doesn’t trigger an event, even after restarting the camera? By the way, that same camera detects my walking by an hour later (because it feels like it). Missing 50% of known detections is not acceptable. I’ve bought an expensive router that gives me strong WiFi to my cameras, so that isn’t the reason.

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I updated 3 V2,4 V3 and there running giastone 32GB cards the updates went fine, I checked each camera for alerts,movements,etc. And all good no issue’s found