Hey, Cam Plus Unilimted

It’s down in central PA, disappeared in my app and all events gone. Please fix.:slightly_smiling_face: error code 1.

Error Code 1 is indicative of a connection failure. To be specific it is a Failed to update device list.

I was having a similar issue this morning when I tried to use my scale and no scale data would show up. I got it to work again by refreshing my phone connection. I would recommend restarting your phone and see if that resolves it. I checked and my device list is showing up along with all events, etc, so it seems the Wyze servers are running. I just checked Downdetector and there are no abnormal offline report patterns indicative of a service outage at this time.

I think a phone restart is the most likely solution in this case.

Just out of curiosity, do you have a Google Pixel phone or is it a different brand/model?

I chatted little and am familiar, clean cache, force start, reboot phone etc. And jad done most of that already. Did it all again. Vid When i open beta 3 app now. Lol.

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In addition I have seen that odd silver flash several times lately. Now its constant.

I’ll try app delete and reinstall.

Delete and reinstall fixed it. Weird. :laughing:

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Crazy. Thanks for sharing that this fixed it so we can keep an eye out for others.

That looks like the App 3.0 Beta. If so, will you also go report that in this thread:

I haven’t seen the flashing like that, but I do see that white blank screen when I first load up my app sometimes.

I’ll get it over there, and sorry, missed your question about the phone, its an Samsung S23 Ultra.

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