Henry’s Outdoor Cam

Just curious,

I just placed my OD cam outside, and it seems to be working fine. However, I noticed the battery is now at 83% for just a few hours. I cannot recall what the battery period before is i.e., 5-7 days?

The battery should last 6 months. Is your camera getting triggered a lot? Are you viewing the live stream a lot? Viewing the live stream takes a good amount of battery.

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My outdoor cam has been up for over 3 weeks and the battery is holding at 85% charge. It’s best to install these cams in low traffic areas by my experience to get longer battery life.

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To lose only 15% over 3 weeks you must get no notifications :smiley:

I get 2 a day max and check in maybe 2 minutes a day live view and I’ll be lucky to barely get 3 months even with that usage.

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Thank you for your reply.
If you mean by life stream am I checking it on a regular basis, yes, because I just put it in yesterday, and I am checking what it sees. I am not getting “activity notices” when a person come to the entry of the house, so I need to keep tweaking it until I find what I may have not activated. Battery is now around 67% in 24 hour time. I’ll have to charge it by Monday, for sure. If I may ask, what should I have it set at to get notifications and how should I be monitoring it?

I put the OD cam in the back yard away from heavy traffic. I don’t want to climb the ladder too much. Lol I check the live stream a couple times a day and get a few notifications. The most I get is when I’m mowing the yard. No more than 12 events in a day. I have the v2 cams in the front of the house with continuous recording turned on.

I wonder why you have more activity than me but get double the battery life. I only get 1 bar signal on the cam so maybe that is causing battery drain.

It depends how far away the motion is. It has been a little inconsistent fo some people. You have to adjust it to se what works best. I’d tested mine and then recharged it.

@Brlepage is right about settings. You just have to test and tweak between Sensitivity and Distance to find the happy spot for what you need. Also but sure when setting your detection and notifications that the area you really want to get notifications on is in the green zone.

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Therein lies the problem. Having to install the camera in a low traffic area to conserve battery life is likely counterproductive to any number of users. These types of complaints begets the need of a corded option. Battery is nice for Travel.

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thank you

It’s definitely not for everyone I agree. If you don’t like climbing ladders and charging batteries don’t buy it. It definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s nothing like the v2.

Although you are right, it still fails the hype test