Help with doorbell v2 install w/o transformer and chime

I am trying to install the DBV2 to a wall plug transformer. My house doesn’t have an existing doorbell chime or wiring. I currently have a Nest doorbell powered by a wall plug transformer that chimes through my Google speakers.

During testing, I took off the Nest DB and wired up the Wyze with the same wiring, Then it started to smoke alittle. I quickly unplugged it. Also, prior to installing it, I kept the transformer plugged in since it was difficult to unplug.

I used a 2nd transformer I had laying around and wired it, it worked fine (minus the chime not working on my google speakers). The only difference between the 2 transformers was that I used a thinner gauged wire on 2nd transformer, and I plugged the DB into the wall after everything was connected on 2nd transformer.

Has anyone tried installing the DB this route? Would love some feedback or tips on how to proceed.