Help with casting

My cams all work fine, more or less - some random inexplicable disconnects that need cam recycling, but otherwise OK. However, casting to a monitor fails after a random time, every time, and it’s frustrating. I have used Google Home with Android, Airplay with an iPhone, and software running off an Amazon Fire Stick, and nothing will stay connected for very long. It has to be an app related issue, because changing hardware and technique doesn’t alter the problem. My wifi network is otherwise fine and there’s a strong and reliable signal. Is this just the app that can’t do the job, and if so, is there any known hope of one that will work? Thanks.

I have a fire tv, and even Ring only streams for a short while (I think it’s 10 minutes), and it’s the same with Wyze, though I don’t remember exactly how long it is before the stream stops as I haven’t done it in awhile.

There is also a web app, not sure if you’d have more luck with that - I haven’t tried it myself, though, maybe someone can chime in with their experience with that.