Help… transfer of acct - thermostat not working

I bought a house with 2 Wyze Thermostats that were working beautifully. I had to create a new account which meant I had to go through the reprogramming steps. The only way to do it is “act” like it’s a new install and follow the prompts. I did that but now my unit is only blowing hot air. I called the help number but it’s just people reading from a script with no real experience. Anyone have thoughts or suggestions…

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In the App settings for the thermostat :gear:, under Advanced Settings, do you see a setting for “Swap Heat and Cool”?

Any settings the previous owner had to set to get the system to work would need to be reset, based on the old unit wiring and compatibility setup they entered at that time, assuming it was correctly done then. Since they were working when you moved in, we can assume the wiring was done correctly.

There are other advanced settings that will need to be reviewed as well.

Post back with details.

mmm. show a picture of the furnace/air handler side of the wires and the wyze side of the wires and i’ll be able to tell you how it should be set up.