Help Spotting Rain

Need ideas on what to put in the camera’s vision field to make it easier to see the rain. I can see rain easily but only if it is very hard rain. I would like to add an object that makes the rain bounce or just show up better in any way. Ideas ?

What an interesting question. The closest I can find searching is a couple of papers about an algorithm intended for seeing rain hit a windshield.

Obviously you could hook up a water sensor outside and integrate with Alexa or something.

I wonder how well the PIR motion detector does with rain - the drops must have a significant temperature differential to the air.

I don’t think I’ve ever picked up rain on my PIR in the pacific northwest. Maybe if it was a hot sunny day and a freak shower came out of nowhere?

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You could try putting something like this in view of the camera. Maybe tape over half of it with clear tape so one side remains dry and you can see the contrast with the wet side.

This looks promising. I was thinking something more common but it give me and idea . Something simple and homemade that shows the run off might work as well . Thank.s

Do you want to see the rain, or know that it’s raining?

Maybe some sort pinwheel or waterwheel protected in a way so that only falling rain would make it spin?

A catch basin with a trough that drips into a rain gauge or onto a fishtank waterwheel?


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Nice and bonus for decoration.

Another way to go, this guy has a dirt simple technique and a terrific accent.

I guess you could wire it to a Wyze sensor (or even an indoor fan to detect motion).