Help needed

Hi Everyone- I just installed 2 cams over the weekend. One is working perfectly, detecting people, motion etc. The other one is recording and alerting to motion but not people. The blue light on this one is not on but I know it’s recording. Does the missing blue light mean anything? And why won’t it alert to people? I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling, turning on and off. Thanks for any advice you can offer.

There is a setting for the blue light, make sure that is not set to off, have you tried switching the positions of the 2 cameras to make sure it is a camera issue that it is not seeing people and not the angle it is seeing them at.

I’ve actually turned the camera to face into the room, original setup is to face out of my front window. How do you turn the blue light on/off? I feel better with it on so I can rest assured it’s working.

Under Device Settings–>Advanced Settings–>Camera Status Light.

Lol, well that was easy! Thanks!

There are many variables when going through a window to detect a person, minimize any glare and try to get as close to the window as possible. I originally had mine that way and opted to just hang them outside instead and see how long they last.