Help me! FireTV cube won't connect

I have my Wyze Camera


connected to my 2.4g wifi without issue. I can view it from my phones/tablets no problem.

I also have my Fire TV Cube


connected to my 2.4g wifi without issue.

I have enabled the Wyze camera skill and successfully linked accounts through the Alexa App on my cellphone. I ran discovery, and it discovered my camera with the correct name and everything, and said they are linked/connected/enabled etc.

Per everything I have read, and seen on Youtube, I should now be able to say to my FireTV Cube, “Echo, show me Camera 1” and it should pop up on my TV.

Problem is, it says “Sorry, I didn’t find a device by that name” or something close to that.

I have tried many different ways of saying it, I have removed everything and tried again, I have removed the device from the list of my devices and attempted to have it be discovered through the TV Cube, to no avail.

Please help me understand what the issue is. I am very tech savvy, I set everything else up without issue. I followed all instructions and tips and tricks to the T. This is starting to get the best of me.


Here’s the Alexa troubleshooting page:

If this doesn’t help, keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, I suggest you contact Wyze Support for more help. You might want to go ahead and submit your ticket now as there is somewhat of a backlog. If you end up getting the issue resolved before support contacts you, then you can always let them that it’s already resolved.

Solved this. Sorry. Tried everything, then I realized that because my wife bought the cube, it was registered to her Amazon Account, not mine, which has all the home automation on it. So everything was connected properly, but it refused to see my devices. I re-registered the Cube to my account, and it picked everything up. Just FYI if anyone else cannot solve a connection error, might be worth looking into if you have multiple Amazon accounts.


Thanks for letting us know.