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I get over a hundred alerts a day of leaves moving, however, when an object enters the area I get nothing. What am I doing wrong?

Do you have cam plus or cam plus lite? Do you have detection zones setup? Whats your sensitivity? What about AI detections, do you have any of those enabled? All can be found in the cams settings.

No cam+.
Det zone yes.
Sensitivity at 20% (if at 20 detects leaves it should detect a car).
How do I get AI?

you get Cam Plus service or add your Camera to Cam Plus Lite. With Cam Plus Lite, you can set person detection.

Go here to see the options and then follow which other option you would like:


I logged in and it says I already subscribe to Lite.

If I check Smart Detection and vehicle detection it take me to buy Cam+.

Why should I pay for something the camera detected before the Cam+ service?

So make sure you add your camera to Cam Plus Lite.

Start the app. go to Account, scroll up to the top and select services. Then at the top of that page tap on Cam Plus Lite.

Make sure thr camera has been added there


All my cameras are listed under the Cam Plus Lite.

Cam plus lite is only for person Detection.

Ok, then the other items to look at then is to go to Settings on the Camera and under Event Recordingmake sure Smart Detection is set for Person or set. Then under Notifications, turn off “Detects Any Other Motion” and Turn on Person


The 5 minute cool down may be at play here also.

Edit: ahh auto-correct :frowning:

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Thank you all for your suggestions!