Heartbeat from climate sensor

I have a climate sensor that, when I look at the data graph, says, “No events in this time period,” and does not show a graph for the day. There is no indication that the sensor is NOT communicating - no crossed-out wifi icon, for example. But I have a couple of questions for the community:

  1. Does the sensor send a ‘heartbeat’ so that the hub can tell if the sensor has gone offline for connectivity reasons?
  2. If not, should it?
  3. What does the sense hub count as an ‘event’? A change in temperature or humidity? If so, how much of a change?

If your sensors are showing as online for a whole day with no graph showing, I would contact support.

“No events” just means the temperature never fell above or below the boundaries you set up to send out a warning notification, so that part doesn’t necessarily mean the sensor isn’t working unless you know an extreme change happened in that time and there is still no event showing. I have sensors that work fine but never have an event because the temp/humidity has always been within the boundaries I set.

  1. Does the sensor send a ‘heartbeat’ so that the hub can tell if the sensor has gone offline for connectivity reasons? 2. If not, should it?

Yes it does have some kind of heartbeat interval and the hub will eventually update a sensor to offline if it doesn’t check-in after a certain time period, So if, as you said, you’ve gone a whole day and the sensor is still showing as online but there is no graph then the issue is likely something else since the sensor at least seems to be checking in with the hub on time as they aren’t showing offline yet.

  1. What does the sense hub count as an ‘event’? A change in temperature or humidity? If so, how much of a change?

There were not exact specifications listed anywhere publicly, but I have seen updates below 1 -degree change and 1% humidity change in fewer than 10 minutes on my graphs, so the threshold must be less than 1 degree and 1% humidity since I can verify changes under that.

Again, if your sensor is showing online for at least a day or however long it’s been, and the graph is not showing any ups and downs for that long, then I would recommend contacting support so they can look into it:

Wyze Customer Support: (206) 339-9646
Available Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online: Wyze.com/support

I personally prefer to talk to support by email. It’s easier to send them pictures/screenshots and do the troubleshooting on my own time. Either way, Support has always been very helpful to me.

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Not 100% sure if this is the same problem I had, but here is what I wrote up for another thread -

So I checked the sensor I had a problem with…here is what happened -
Pulled the sensor off the adhesive back to look at the battery.
Strange…this one rattles. The others do not rattle.
Looks like the battery is moving.
Pulled Battery
Bent the 4 negative contacts up a bit and bent the positive in toward the center a bit with the point of my utility knife.
Removed the sensor from the hub/app.
Paired the sensor with the hub.
Temp/humidity is now updating!

TLDR - Sensor would not reliably connect or report to hub. Removed battery. Bent contacts for + and - toward the battery position. Reinstalled Battery. Re-paired to hub. Success!


I ultimately got a response from Support. The sensor does not send a heartbeat: it communicates only when the temperature changes. IMO this is not the best design since a communication failure , it seems to me, could go unrecognized.

Unless I’m missing something. But I would hope to see a notification option in the Sense Hub for when a device fails to communicate.

I personally tested it by pulling out the battery in one of my sensors back around the time of the original post, it most definitely has some kind of required check-in (heartbeat) at least a few times a day, because if it goes too long without communication the sensor does in fact get updated as offline. This would not be possible if there was no heartbeat/check-in…the hub/app would indefinitely think the sensor is online, just dormant and there would be no need for an offline status. Since it does update as offline after long enough, there is certainly some kind of heartbeat/check-in. The interval for it is pretty large, but there must be one because my sensors do eventually update as offline if I remove the battery.

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Does anyone know if the Events for push notifications from the Climate Sensors that have exceeded the user set boundaries includes those for Humidity or are they just for the Temp right now?

I know that the UI has yet to include humidity in the graph history (wishlist item here: Climate Sensor - Add humidity graph)

I have received several push notifications for humidity above my preset %, but nothing in the events.



Temp and humidity events are noted on the same page:


Very interesting. :thinking:

I am getting the push notifications, not the events…

I will have to change the boundaries and test to capture some screenshots on new push notifications… Be back when I get it.

What is the firmware version on your climate sensor?

The sensor I just tested was I have some sensors, but won’t be able to test one of them until later this evening. I know the polling interval is longer on .19 sensors and I don’t think the firmware is updateable.

Also, after you trigger an event and look at the graph/events page, you have to sit on it for 30-60 seconds before the events populate on the page.

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Great tips…will test and monitor.


What the…? Does this mean new sensor purchase if more features are introduced in newer models?

Features are the same, fixed parameters are slightly different. Also, there’s no telling which firmware you’ll end up with when ordering. The firmware loaded on my sensor orders were received as follows: .21, .19, .21.



I can’t think of how any “new” features could be added to this sensor. I just reports temp/humidity. If some other metric were added, it would probably evolve the climate sensor to a v2.

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True. But if the features are the same, Then the App UI is where the development of features and reporting capabilities need to happen. Shouldn’t be firmware driven as simple as you describe they are.

How features are presented in UI is app development. The basic functions that generate the reported data are fixed in firmware. The how/where/when/why of data reporting, thresholds and intervals is split between sensor/app/server. Answers to most of these haven’t been revealed by Wyze and we’re only reporting what we’ve concluded based on observations and associative logic.

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:+1: Thx!

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Ok so I tweaked my settings for a very narrow operational range to force some notifications:

I had a humidity and temperature event notification on the Garage sensor and a humidity notification on the Crawl Space sensor.

The app however, is not showing any events, regardless of how long it waits to populate the page.
There are no events showing in the list at the bottom of the graph page and no events in the See All list for either sensor.

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That’s not good. I’ll take a look at my .19 sensors sometime late tomorrow to see if my results are the same as yours.

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