Hearing sounds that are not from my cam

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I hear talking in my cam, when there should be none. One specific cam.

Ive been trying to figure out where the talking is coming from for weeks now. I cannot make out the words, but its clearly talking.

The cam is in a room, near a window, at first I thought it was picking up the TV in the other room. But its not.

Im in the next room, and i logged in to view the cam (which is pointed to an object inside the room), if i turn the volume up on my phone, and hold it next to my ear, i can hear talking. The same talking i have been hearing for weeks. Sometimes its silent, then conversations, occasional noises. Nothing and no one is out in the street as its 5am and I did look out. Its not the TV, as that is off.

I’ve tried using an Audio program to pull out the sounds, but they are so far in the background mixed in with the sratic, that its not registering sound waves that are different than the static, so I cant split them well enough. I am also not very knowledgeable on how to do that well enough. Lol

There are definitive voices in the background though.
I came here because i wondered if it could pick up radio waves or something



I just had this happen to me last night. My daughter sleeps alone and we keep our Wyze Cam up and running all night with the volume up on my iPad with the app open watching her. As I was trying to sleep I started to hear very faint voices coming through the white noise, it was faint, but I could tell it was some one talking or someone having a conversation. It was 1am so there was no noise coming from inside or outside the house. Not sure of any possibilities of interference. Hope that’s what it is though haha.

Why We Hear Voices in Random Noise

[mod edit] I swear to god the same thing happened to me but twice within ten mins and it was the voice of a younger maybe 11 year old girl I walked into my brother in laws house and it just says hello! And I said dude what was that he says that’s the camera an I said I have the Same ones home an they are suppose to be secure lines and he said it’s creepy idk then out of no where the hello came once more it scared [mod edit] me because I still have four in my house till this day

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If this behavior occurs, please submit a log for that camera and let us know the log number so our team can investigate.

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It’s happening to my camera upstairs as well. Everything is off in my home, but there is white noise and sounds like a faint tv in my recordings and when I look live in the camera. I have reset and restarted but it’s still there.

This is probably not related, but I listen to sleep sounds at night. White noise, brown noise, rain, etc…

On occasions, I will begin to hear different sounds. I will begin to hear an orchestra, or violins. I can hear voices, just not understand the words. I learned it is my mind combined with one of my ears lying on the pillow. Similar to listening to binaural waves for example, where a third sound develops.

For this discussion, the majority of the sounds appear to be interface from other people’s devices.

My V2 does pick up sounds, after careful listening I know it is from one of our televisions or one of us talking.

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