Hearing sounds that are not from my cam

I hear birds, maybe seagulls thru my Wyze cam V2. I live in central Ohio, I can here horns honking ect. Whats weird is I can hear things that are going on around hear also. It’s like I’m picking up someone else’s cam too

Really? What are you hearing?

@gtet1 Are you hearing white noise, conversation, background sounds, etc.? If this happen, please contact our support so we can help verify what’s going on.

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I’ve had this - but not sounds coming out of the cam’s speaker. In my case, a mysterious voice came out of the Wyze app.

I’m going to try and recorded what I hear. Then maybe I can upload it. Pretty sure it’s birds in someones house maybe

We take privacy seriously so when you get more data, please call our support and let the Wyze Team moderators know what the ticket number is so we can help verify the root cause.


Something to consider is that this could be RF interference of sorts. The camera picking up sounds in its electronics but not coming in over the wifi connection. Kind of like when a radio picks up other than the station it’s tuned to due to a strong interfering signal.

This would be very different than either a hacked camera or come kind of cross-channel problem on the internet side.

Might be worth moving the camera and see if that resolves the issue.


I can talk to whatever it is and get it to responded. That is as big a file that I can upload to here.


Maybe I can share my cam with a team member and they will be able to hear what i hear?

I assume that what you expect to hear is just that low background hum as a constant monotone. Is that correct?

It sure does sound like there’s a click and the sound source switches, then it switches back to the background hum, then switches again a few times.

Also, please confirm this is what you’re hearing in the app (not emanating from the camera’s speaker) and do you hear it in both live stream and in playback of either 12-second events and/or SD card recordings?

I’m thinking now it’s the mic picking up noises and sending them to my phone very distorted. The sensitivity on my mic will pickup stuff I can not hear. I had my wife go outside and talk to me, Her voice was very cracky like what I was hearing, she said I sound crystal clear. Maybe it’s just my phone. But then there are other people that say they have heard people talking. I haven’t checked to see how far you can be from cam and pickup voice, but I bet it’s a good distance So I’m just going to turn the sound off. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update! That does make sense. :slight_smile:

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Hi, our engineer said it could be the sound signal gets distorted during audio intake. It is very unlikely that the sound comes from a different camera. If you want to try it, can you go to Settings → ‘Restart Device’ and see if the audio issue disappears after restart?

Do you have a baby monitor?

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No we don’t, although a lot of our members use this for that purpose.

Any explanation? Sounds like “hello”


Any thoughts what would creat the noise?

I DEFINITELY heard sounds that weren’t my own through the app!!!

I have already submitted a supportrequest.

It would be funny if not extremely alarming!

I have my pan cam up high facing outdoors through a window. It happen to sense movement through my reflection, it even put that little green box around my movement. There is two clearly audible and loud fart sounds that come through the app, along with some grunting. (No joke)

The sounds seem as if it were done up into the camera speakers. My password is one I’ve never used nor is it easily guessed with numbers and many letters.

(Because I’m a new user, I can’t upload an attachment)

These cams are super sensitive to sounds further away than you would think. I can hear the kids next door talking when they are out side, they are probably 100 ft away. can’t make out what they are saying because it is distorted and delayed. Try this, talk into your phone (maybe whistle) not near your cam and listen to see if you hear anything in a few seconds, i do every time and it is distorted and sounds like birds, not human, I ended up just turning the sound off.

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