Hearing a girl voice

My daughter keeps hearing someone talk to her. Today I actually found a clip and you can hear very faint a girl calling off numbers maybe I Dont know. That’s what I hear? Any one else get this?

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:scream: :scream: :scream:

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Probably one of those Illuminati lizard-people. Nothing to worry about.


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If you have the video I’d send it via private message with an explanation to Wyze support or to @WyzeGwendolyn so Wyze can investigate!


Haha haha. I hope not. It’s a girl just saying numbers. Like a number station

Ooo eee, ooo!

You may be picking up one of the mysterious “numbers stations” that supposedly broadcast information to spies. Sometimes by Morse code, sometimes by voice. If it’s voice, the voices are usually female. (This is not likely, but possible)

The following is TMI for most:

How could this happen?

1: The simplest radio receiver is merely a diode with a wire attached and a sensitive earphone.
The length of the wire attached will have an effect on the stations received. Most likely you will pick up the most powerful nearby AM radio station. Because your wire antenna will self-resonant at some frequency, this might enable you to pick up weaker stations having the same frequency or some harmonic of the resonant frequency of your “antenna”
How does this pertain to Wyze Cams? The Wyze Cams have an electret microphone attached to a pre-amplifier capable of amplifying very small signals. A bad or loose solder connection can act as a detector diode and the associated wiring, including the power cable as an antenna.
( Does anyone remember the cheap TV devices of old that plugged into an ac outlet’ “Turn Your Whole House Into an Antenna”?)
Radio stations leaking into public address systems, guitar amps, etc. is a fairly common occurrence. There have even been claims that people have picked up radio stations from tooth fillings and dentures. (Including Lucille Ball)

If you want to know what this sounds like:



Great answer, bravo.


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Could you please send in a log if this happens again and give me the log number? I definitely want the team to look into it.