Headphones ... Or earbuds for construction?

Are either the headphones or earbud pros appropriate for construction noise? Cancelling noise from air nailers, saws, etc? Durability??

this comment is not scientifically backed as noise levels vary…

I would recommend the head phones over the buds as they cover your entire ear ( blocking more noise) and you can’t lose them as easy. but if you are required to wear a hardhat this might be challenging.

I routinely use my headphones while nailing sawing and welding, mowing and other loud things and have not had any issues and actually love that they not only cut down the noise level ( not block entirely) but that I can also listen to music during it and hear it clearly.

just one small opinion :slight_smile: and even if you dont end up using them you would still have an awesome pair of headphones.

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Very good… That’s very helpful!!


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Tough to fit those over-ear headphones under a hard hat, but bet they’d do a better job. I use mine while mowing the lawn and am very happy with the performance.